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  1. Dan01801

    Avery Etchmark Vinyl

    Hi Guys, I bought a roll of the Avery Etchmark vinyl to block some of the windows in our CPU rooms. The stuff is very tough to work with, getting bubbles out etc. Does anyone have any helpful ideas?. I am bascially just cutting out a 24 X 24 square to cover the window. I dont want to waste anymore of this stuff, its pricey. Thanks Dan
  2. Dan01801

    trying to get customer support...need help!

    Try 425-284-2282
  3. Dan01801

    Plastic Sign Blanks??

    Thanks anyways, I appericate it. I know they are out there because our current sign company uses them.
  4. Dan01801

    Plastic Sign Blanks??

    would this be the type used for interior signage doors etc, are they fimsy or rigid can it be cut? I was looking for hard plastic signs that come in colors
  5. Dan01801

    Plastic Sign Blanks??

    HI Everyone, I am looking to purchase colored plastic sign blanks, to use in the interior of the branches (smaller sizes). I was able to find metal sign blanks for the parking lots etc. Any ideas? Thanks, Dan
  6. Dan01801

    EZ Apply Vinyl

    Hi Guys, I just got some booklets from Avery, and I noticed that they offer some vinyl with "EZ Apply" Technology, it is supposed to install easier with less bubbles etc. Does anyone have any experience with this product?? Is there really a difference? I am very new to this but have been using Oracel 651 up to this point. Thanks, Dan
  7. Dan01801

    Handicap logo

    Thanks alot, I really appericate it!
  8. Dan01801

    Cut not working

    HI, All of a sudden when I hit the cut button, a save as box comes up, this never used to happen, any ideas?
  9. Dan01801

    Handicap logo

    Hi, Does anyone have a file, for a handicap signs to put on bathroom doors? Thanks, dan
  10. yes, orginally I was using the USB, and was having problems, so i pluged in the parallel and it seemed to work fine for a short time
  11. Hi Everyone, I was using the serial cabel that came with the unit and it was working for a bit, day or so. Then the next day it stopped working. I can't figure out what is wrong any ideas!
  12. Dan01801

    Text won't show up in Sign cut

    HI, I am trying to layout text to make simple signs for our parking lots. I produce the text in Inkscape, but when I try and save it and open it in Signcut nothing shows up. There is no need to "trace" text correct. I have tried doing both. I tried saving it as an eps file and opening it, but nothing is there. I have also tried to trace it and open it in signcut and both ways dont work. I am getting very confused, hopefully I am diong something wrong. Thank you, Dan
  13. Dan01801

    Win PC Pro

    Hi Everyone, I am having an extremely hard time "vectoring" etc with inkscape, also using th signcut software. I have been reading through numerous posts on here about the the other software availible, corel, flexi, photoshop, win pc amoung others. My question is which one would you guys recommend to someone who is Brand new to the vinyl cutting scene. I have read good things about WIN PC PRO because I guess it is an all in one program. I noticed that it is very expensive $1,000 and up. I came accross this website www.grs-systems.com and they are listing it for $395, is that legit? What would your sugguestions been. I am not doing anything crazy at all with this basic words and the company logo thats about it. Thanks everyone!!
  14. Dan01801


    Thanks for the info, I did the same thing you did LOL
  15. Dan01801

    vectoring images etc

    Hi again, I am probably driving you guys crazy, but I do appericate all the help and advice. I am having a tough time with the whole vectoring process etc.This should be done through Inkscape correct? And I go to the trace bitmap option?. Does anyone know of a good manuel or book that can help with this. Also I have a having a tough time seeing how to position text etc in order to save vinyl etc. I am sure that you want to fit as many imanges etc etc as you can so you dont waste vinyl. Is there a layout page or something within signcut that will allow me to position the items etc. Thanks again