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  1. KE5AFU

    Backlit Sign Colors

    EDIT: SOLVED Thanks Hello all, I've been asked by my church to help them with a couple sign issues before easter. They have a 5'x10' channel letter backlit sign up at one of the campuses. I want to remove the channel lettering and put up a piece of acrylic that size. the only pieces I can find that size are white though, the sign is a light blue background with white letters. I only have a 24" cutter. My question is can I cover the whole thing in translucent blue, then cut out the white letters and put over the blue? Will it still light up properly? Thanks
  2. KE5AFU

    Hot To Stack?

    What I learned with
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    Cute Frog please

    Awesome, I didn't ask for it but thanks anyway!
  4. Thanks all, I put a quote in so we will see what happens.
  5. I've got a guy wanting 100 each of 3 different signs sizes all single color. Done in Oracal vinyl. These are all coroplast 18"X24" 12"X12" 6"X12" I used Sign Expert and it said $4,050 for all of them. That sounds really high to me, what should I price at? Thanks
  6. I have never installed the chip, but here is some general advice. 1. Don't use magnetized screwdrivers when working with electronics. 2. Ground yourself out prior to touching anything, (a grounding strap is ideal) 3. If there is an old chip to remove use an IC extractor or if you use your fingers work VERY slowly alternating sides and pulling up, you don't want to bend the pins. 4. When putting the new chip in, make sure the pins alight in the holes before pushing down (Also make sure the orientation is correct, pin 1 is where it is supposed to go) 5. Sometimes you will need to GENTLY squeeze the pins inwards to make the chip fit. Take care though because the metal tabs will bend/break very easily. That makes it all sound very complicated but it's really not, just take your time, be careful and you will be fine.
  7. Joshlindt had it right. Calculate as follows Your cutter is running on 120 volts and the amps on my 721 is .5 amps or 500 milliamps. So... Formula Resistance ® = Voltage (E) / Current (I) In Action Volts(E) (120)/ Amps(I) .5 = Resistance® 240 ohms Formula Watts= Current Squared (I^2) * Resistance ® In Action Amps(I)(.5)^2 * Resistance® 240 ohms = Watts 60 Woot for self taught electrical engineering!!! (MIT offers most of their classes for FREE online for those who want to self teach / can't afford school otherwise. I love the project and I'm getting information that others are paying 6 figures for, though I don't get the pretty piece of paper at the end of it...)
  8. Well I haven't done anything yet, that's just a photo mock-up. I'll post real pics once I get my order in from USCutter for the vinyl.
  9. I erred on the side of caution and priced higher to her. We agreed on $1,400. I'll post pics when it's done. Thanks everyone for your input. - Matthew
  10. Thank for the info on if I can use the brands or not. Anyone have an ballpark of what I should charge for this project? It will be 2 sets of windows and doors and 1 set of windows. Thanks again, I really do appreciate the info. - Matthew
  11. I have a local salon wanting some extensive vinyl work done. We are looking at doing the top and bottoms of their windows listing the services they offer and the products used. they have 2 door so hours of operation on each plus the standard we accept M/C Visa etc etc and gift certificates available. Looking at doing a 3 color pallet, they use a lot of green and pink inside so matching those colors and outlining in white for everything. I
  12. Thanks, I gotta start thinking higher. I quoted him $50 installed.
  13. I have a customer that is wanting his business info on both sides of his truck. I got a little creative and drew out a design but really only spent about 5 min on it. The size is 14X26 what do you think I should charge for 2 of them? Thanks
  14. KE5AFU

    Need help on large printing job

    Thanks all for the reply, I guess I didn't make it clear. This will have to be printed yes, I am not going to try and replicate this with cut vinyl, but I don't have a wide format printer either. What if it were printed on matte paper and use 3M spray adhesive to attach to the ceiling tiles?