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  1. Smokem

    Vinyl and Embroidery Job

    Looks great. Nice tribute. Great cause.
  2. Smokem

    Update on mom and our luck

    Prayer is an amazing Surgeon... Prayers for your Mom's recovery
  3. Smokem

    My first cut - auto related...

    Very cool start....
  4. Smokem

    Might not be posting as much

    Prayers and good thoughts to your Mom and Family
  5. Smokem

    hello folks.

    Welcome from California
  6. Smokem

    Something personal...15 yrs ago

    I like it..... It is way cool
  7. OW Jones $13.00 cost of goods sold @ $1.00 = $130.00 Sales $13.00 cost of goods sold @ $2.00 = $260.00 Sales at Half the Labor. It would seem you would need to sell more than twice as many @ $1.00 to make the effort worth while.... One of the items I sell at swap meets is $7.00.... when asked if I will sell one for $5,00.... I always agree.... Given sales of this item at 20 per day... a three day event yields $140.00 additional event profits. Maybe keeping your button price @ $1.50 each OR 3 for $3.00 OR..... $2.00 each...... OR 3 for $5.00 would provide you with more profit per event....... AND... Less labor my two cents
  8. Smokem

    Downed Forum

    That was the very first thing I thought too...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dang..... What did xpaperman say now...
  9. Smokem

    Another truck

    Nice work
  10. Smokem

    For My General Mgr

    Sorry Petro..... Too pooped to do that at the moment
  11. Smokem

    It's gong to be a long bad day.

    Ass Monkey
  12. Smokem

    Warning Damn Onions ...

    Thanks 300's
  13. Smokem

    For My General Mgr

    Crappy design