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  1. Jaymsimon

    race car graphics

    Does anybody have anything in eps that would look bad a$$ on side of a modified race car I was hoping anything that is not a wrap.
  2. Jaymsimon

    Tactical Operator Badge

    ty ty ty nothing better than staying in good with your local Police officers..lol Jay
  3. Jaymsimon

    Tactical Operator Badge

    Does anybody have this Tactical Operator Badge? Thanks, Jay
  4. Jaymsimon

    looking for Stick People

    Saved ty.
  5. Jaymsimon

    Looking for 2 vectors

    here is just the girl. Jay girl.eps girl.eps
  6. Jaymsimon

    Looking for 2 vectors

    If you place it up side down you might be OK....
  7. Jaymsimon

    Looking for 2 vectors

    This is not to bad you might have to clean it if needed. Jay drawing-1.eps drawing-1.eps
  8. Jaymsimon

    need help to convert to signblazer

    Hey Mark thank you for your help on this one. J
  9. Can anybody get this to open in SB and or convert for me to open and cut. Thank you in advance Jay elite-bent copy.zip elite-bent[1].pdf elite-bent copy.zip elite-bent[1].pdf
  10. I had a request to put chrome on window trims (platic) on a car. Has anybody done something like this and what vinyl would I use for this? I would also think that a heat gun would be needed to mold the lines of the plastic?
  11. Jaymsimon

    Need a little help pretty please

    I dont have a clue. I just pulled that off there myspace page and wanted me to cut them a sticker. I hope somebody can figure that out I could not get it to vectorize clean enough to deal with the clean up.
  12. Jaymsimon

    Need a little help pretty please

    I need help getting the name vectorized with the white outline around the words...Please make the words solid black and any color for the outline.
  13. Jaymsimon

    Printing on vinyl?

    Email me at work I have some great deals on some Factory Refurbished T610 and T1120 plotters with 1 year warranty sealed boxes for about half the price as new. I also have some Z2100 and Z3100 if you are looking for photo quality to plot onto your vinyl at a great price and these will have a 90 day warranty in factory boxes. Jay JayS@360tech.com www.hpplotters.com Make sure you ask for Jay if you go through the website so I can make sure you get great pricing.
  14. Jaymsimon

    Best Vinyl For Race Cars...

    I own 3 race cars and there is nothing worse then having to spend the first $300 then have to replace $25 numbers every 2 races. What I do on all the cars I do is I tell them the cost of what ever the rolls cost and that is there cost. Then that pays for the vinyl and everything else is free. When that person comes back then I charge my hour rate and very very little for the replacement numbers etc. I have been doing very well on repeat business and making more money doing it this way then you can imagine. jay