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    Drawing Pad-pen

    Who uses a drawing pad with pen to draw on their computers in a program like photoshop or Illustrator? Something like this maybe http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B003ZZXXLK/ref=redir_mdp_mobile?SubscriptionId=14H876SFAKFS0EHBYQ02&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B003ZZXXLK&linkCode=xm2&tag=hubpages-20 Not sure if that link will work. Looking for advice on purchasing something like this... Thx
  2. Ok was at walmart and in the craft sextion they have these tranfer sheets to print on and the heat transfer to shirts. Well i have an inkjet printer/scanner combo..but its over a year old and needs nee ink. Just black replacement for it it $51!! I paid only $40 for the whole printer! Anyway..looking at newer wireless/wifi ones for only $59 and replacement inks for it are only $25. So i bought it... Now when i print my design on this transfer paper im guessing i will need to use my Graphtecs contour cutting ability? I have no clue on how to do that?
  3. gcextreme

    State outlines

    Anyone have any eps files for state outlines, like Texas and North/South Carolina, Minnesota, etc. Thanks
  4. Got a customer that wants two large decals/signs. Will be red and black, red ontop of black, oracal 651. First one is 96" x 32" Second one is 16" x 40". Be basic wording with a box around it. Customer is supplying all artwork. I only have a 24" cutter so i will have to do the 96x32 in sections. Thanks
  5. gcextreme

    Need pricing help

    Ah i knew i was goofing up somewhere on my math . Thanks
  6. gcextreme

    Need pricing help

    Ok so 96x32=3072 / 12 =256 I had the math right i just used the wrong symbol typing it out. so 256 sq ft x $5 is $1280. But thats still one layer, that seems way too high..1280x2layers = $2560. this is roughly 3 feet by 8 feet, 2 layers.
  7. gcextreme

    Need pricing help

    Is my math right? 96x32= 3072" ×12 = 256. So 256sq ft x $5 = $1280
  8. gcextreme

    Need pricing help

    No its going on a truck and a tank.
  9. gcextreme

    Signblazer just started doing weird stuff

    Ok i downloaded the other version and now my older sbd files wont open directly. I can open the program and goto open and browse and open the files fine. They just wont open from the desktop
  10. I now have yellow lines in my work space and now when i double click on an item that has been converted to curves its not giving me the wireframe/node stuff..it just disappears. It was working fine earlier and now its doing this weird stuff. https://youtu.be/f7xLhO-KyvQ
  11. gcextreme

    Signblazer just started doing weird stuff

    Damit lol. I rebooted and it didnt do anything. Guess i will have to reinstall it tomorrow. Been doing ok...making just enough to keep my shop open. Had about $19k in sales in 2016...up from $14k in 2015. Dakota can u send me an email at gc_extreme@hotmail i seem to have lost yours and i need some stuff printed again.
  12. gcextreme

    need download for sign blazer elements

    Slice do u still have a copy of this version?
  13. gcextreme

    First Dye Sub Shirt...one issue

    Did my first dye sub poly shirt.... 390* for roughly 32 seconds... Color turned out great....but there is some kind of burn or color mark on the right side...seems to be coming from the edge of the paper.. yes i used teflon sheets. Here is the mark
  14. Every now and then, on a daily basis, at least 2 times a day, in the middle of a cut, my machine just stops, freezes. Using USB to connect to the computer, its on a stand, attached...not in a carpeted room... it just does it randomly...and i have to turn the machine off, cut off the wasted vinyl, and start again, and it will go fine for a few hours then randomly do it again. Ive had this machine for over 3 years, and it just started doing this a few weeks ago. It's just annoying
  15. gcextreme

    Graphtec Ce5000-60 Freezes

    im not blaming the cutter...i just think its a static issue.
  16. gcextreme

    Graphtec Ce5000-60 Freezes

    Just because its old...doesn't mean it just stops working...it doesn't have an expiration date for when it no longer can't work.. hell i still have a desktop running Windows XP and another one with Windows 98. I could care less if its no longer supported...its been working with the cutter for 4 years....no reason for it to just quit or start having random issues out of the blue
  17. gcextreme

    Graphtec Ce5000-60 Freezes

    Yea i dont have a clue what screw to use on the cutter tho. I am using SignBlazer..same software i have been using since i started in 2012...this issue just started a few months ago..
  18. gcextreme

    Graphtec Ce5000-60 Freezes

    Still having issues with this...i think i may need to ground the machine to the frame? anyone done this and know what bolt/screw i should use?
  19. gcextreme

    Edge Lit Glass

    Any update on the bases??
  20. Well i am considering moving out of small 450sq ft store, and moving into a larger, about 3,000 sq foot shop with a garage bay. My rent will go from $325 + Utilities to $800 + utilities. Its scary, but could be worth it for the advantage of having a garage to do vehicles in the winter. And more room to eventually get into screen printing as well.. Not sure what the wife will say, still gotta run it by her. But my lease will he up June 1st so i have til then to decide if i want to stay at this small store or not. The place needs some work and the landlord, who just built a larger building back behind it to the left, will be doing some renovation on the building soon. The location is at the cross roads of 2 major roads/highways, and right behind a gas station and near a large trucking and equipment dealership, so thats a plus for doing semi-truck decals there. Also there's a large John Deer dealership around the corner. Only downfall is it is also close to the train tracks, which may not be a bad thing, cuz there's alot of railroad workers passing thru.
  21. Nope, not interested in moving to St Cloud where its getting over ran by Somalians or Minneapolis where its over ran by Liberals and LGBTs. I live in the triangular area of Alexandria, Glenwood, and Sauk Center really, i can get business from all those areas, plus TONS OF SMALL Towns inbetween. From Brooten, Blegrade, Osakis, Starbuck, and the list goes on and on. Im not interested in moving into a large city, where theres no where to ride my bike and no outdoor gun range to shoot my guns. Theres a nice gun range, right outside town, and 2nd Amendment products are a big seller to them. Plus the crime rates in those large cities are just sky-rocketing. So no thanks. I prefer to stay in my small towns and grow and help my local community and local economy.
  22. Update; Well the wife's parents sold their parent's old house/land, so they will be giving us a down payment on a house. The wife and i still need to go in and see what we can get approved for. Then we will have to see what's out there in our price range.. As for the larger shop/store, i was able to work out a deal with the owner, for $500 a month, 6 month lease, while he also fixes up and improves the place. So after 6 months, depending on how much he has improved the place, or after 12 months, we will re-evaluate the monthly rent. He said the place isn't and wont do him any good sitting empty and he wants to work with me to get me in there and to get the place built to my needs. So if i go with this, im in it for 6 months at least..and it may even take that long or longer to find a house. I guess my options are the following: 1. Renew my 1 year lease at my current shop for $350 + Utilities and if we find a house sooner, be stuck with this lease. 2. Close my shop, put 90% of my stuff back into storage, the other 10% of my stuff back into my small home office, and work out of there until we find and buy a house. 3. Take this 6 month lease on this larger shop while looking for a house and then see how it goes from there. Business could be great that I could keep the shop longer even after buying a house, specially if the house isn't adequate for my business. I know if I work from home i won't have the overhead, but i also won't have the local exposure either. I like selling online, but i want to do stuff and thrive locally too. Plus doing everything from my home would mean having customers come to my home. The town i am in has 1 other screen printing shop and 1 other Sign shop that just does large signs, there is no shop around town that actually does vehicles in a garage. There is also no other shop that does all the other products i do, from keychains, coffee mugs, etched glass, etc. Also the screen printer has a 20 pc minimum and won't do anything "offensive", they are really picky on the items they do. And I do want to get into screen printing soon, and i will need a larger area to do that. At this point, its a big risk, sink or swim. And i think the 6 month short term lease would be a great trial run. The owner is a very nice flexible guy, willing to work with me.
  23. gcextreme

    Graphtec Ce5000-60 Freezes

    Got a new cable and its doing it again..now 4 times in a row..wasting alot of vinyl, this is annoying.
  24. This is true. .but if u go back and read where i said i eventually want to do this full time and quit my other full time job, you will understand that in order for this to happen, i have to push the limits and break the precipice eventually. And i will never be able to do it full time in this small little shop where i am at right now.
  25. Working from home cuts out alot of expenses, yes. But also consider that working for home may be more practical when all your business is online. Having customers come to your house is another burden. Also if i want to vinyl up a customers vehicle, then now i have to have a dedicated garage/shop at my home for it, and still have customers coming to my HOME. In the future when i own my own home and land, ideally it would be great to have a garage/shop like this on my property, still keeping home and business separate. I want to have a local store front for people to browse some merchandise, hard to do that out of my house. Now Skeeter says she does all her business online, thats awesome, but even tho 80-90% of my business sales comes from online currently, its not enough to do full time. And i really don't know what to do to make the income she does online. I have ebay and etsy, but they are so limiting and so much fees.. My own website is much more flexible. .but isn't reaching enough customers. It's April 7th, and ive already had $437 this month go thru my site. And about $3800 this year. At this rate, this year will be a good profitable year, if i stay at my current location with the current lease expenses. If i get this larger place, yes i will have more expenses, but i also open the door to more sales and winter sales too. Its a tough choice. I have also considered closing up the store, putting all the big stuff back into storage and working with back from home until, 1. The owner renovates that shop. I can save up more money. 2. Until the wife and i find the perfect house that can accommodate my business.