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  1. Sweet. I tried gimp once, I think it's actually still on our dinosaur PC. LOL I'll give this a try. Much appreciated.
  2. Gonna do all sublimation or printed transfers.
  3. Thanks guys. I was hoping I could use their file so everything would match. No way I can match all the "antiquing". Lol
  4. I'm using CS6. I know there's an easy way to do it. When I do a trace, it looks like crap. I need the black completely gone in case I need the "text" in a different color and on various color substrates in the future. Any direction is greatly appreciated.
  5. First off, let me apologize for digging up an old thread; but I wouldn't if it wasn't still an issue with the Titan 2. First off, you can't change offset for a test cut. Offset on the Titan 2 can only be changed in the cut software. I bought one, cut great for a while then went to crap. US Cutter sent 2 mother boards, carriage, etc etc etc. I was using SCAL4P, Vinyl Master, Sign Blazer.... wasn't a software issue. So they sent me a refund and I bought another cutter. This one cut great then all of a sudden went to crap. Incomplete cuts, places here or there (never the same place) where it APPEARS to be an offset issue, but it's never consistent therefore I do not believe it to be offset. New blades, pressure, etc..... nothing changes it. It only does it on small objects. It's like it is running to fast to keep up, even on the slowest speed setting. I have complained to them about the pinch rollers being further away from the blade, which causes slight bunching of the vinyl (HTV). But it also looks like crap with adhesive vinyl. My SC cutter will look just as good at times. I expected a lot more from a machine that cost 5 times as much. EDIT: Let me add that when it all of a sudden started cutting like crap, I had to up the offset to 0.60 just to get a square to cut without rounding corners. BOTH machines did the same thing.
  6. Heatpress bit the dust

    We had a cheapy a couple years and it almost burnt our house down. The control unit shorted and turned the platen on heating the pad until it started smoldering. Currently own a US Cutter press. Had it around a year.
  7. WTH am I doing wrong???

    Have a customer wanting 12X24 coroplast signs. They want a 1" border all the way around, 1/2" inside the edge. First one went on without a hitch, now I've blown though at least SEVEN consecutive border pieces. I have app tape secured with no bubbles, get everything aligned (which is an ordeal in itself), then start on one side and start applying. When I get to the end, I am sure to help it pull away from the liner so it won't wrinkle underneath itself, then it happens. There's a wrinkle, bubble or something that causes excess slack on one side or the other. I'm about at wit's end with this thing. Any ideas??
  8. faint background colors

    Just snooping around to see if there's any tips I could use and I came across my post. I remembered what I did. Window>Image trace. Click color, then full tone. Open advanced and check ignore white. Then trace.
  9. Prayers

    Prayers for anyone affected by the rains the past few days. SW Missouri, NW Arkansas. North central Arkansas into Missouri. Now it NE Arkansas' turn. Looks like the flooding will be less the further east it moves. I saw some horrific sights from friends on Facebook. There's several TOWNS with electricity going in & out.
  10. If you're comparing VM Cut to SCALP4, there's no comparison. VM Cut is about as basic design software there is. Now you can pay more $$$ to upgrade to higher levels (which is a gripe about SCAL I've heard on here, but to go from SCAL to SCALP is only a one time $49 option, so lost do it on the front end anyway) to get the same features in SCALP4.
  11. Changing colors in SCALP 4

    Post a pic of your screen when you're trying to change colors, please.
  12. Trial version

    Is there a trial version of Flexi out there? I can't seem to find a download site I 100% I trust. Having issues with a second Titan 2, so I want to try a different cut program. Vinyl master and SCAL4P do pretty much the same thing. Installing SignCut as I type this out.
  13. sublidecal

    If it's going on a race car, I'd say the image will outlast the crush damage.
  14. Sublimate flat pieces without a press

    Before too long he will have spent enough to buy a press.....
  15. A sleepy Ricoh3110dn

    Power driver mysteriously disappeared. Tech supports thinks maybe a windows update is to blame.