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  1. jep8fan

    More scalp 5 issues

    That's crazy. I've never had a single issue except it locking up on our laptop. I think that's due to a virus though. I've never had an issue with 4 or 5 on my surface. I even export items as svg and open in illustrator to print for sublimation and it's always perfect. Hope you can line it out.
  2. jep8fan

    Printer disappearing

    That would work, except when an update rolls out, my type cover quits working. Have to update to use it.
  3. jep8fan

    Swing away press “binding up”

    My concern is transfer onto garments.
  4. What’s the best lube for the pivot rod? We’ve used sewing machine oil, but you have to be careful or you’ll get black crap all over your product. Will a graphite powder work? Thanks in advance.
  5. It's the third button down in the left hand vertical tool bar.
  6. jep8fan

    Font Help

    MLB Angels
  7. jep8fan

    Help with font please %2F (Freemium)&ffam=FalconsFont - Regular&fstyle=&fsize=60&fid=723f7775b4ba585b0671098affa33496&wrap=2&text=ADYMENT
  8. jep8fan

    Rounding corners on squares

    SCALP has one in the library. But to do it yourself, click the node tool. Select your node, right click, path, convert to cusp. Then move your anchors until you achieve desired result.
  9. Click the node selection button ( I think the third one down). Draw a selection box around stray nodes and hit your delete button.
  10. jep8fan

    Sublimation colors are dull

    You pressed from the backside of the coaster through to the paper? I always put the heat directly to the paper.
  11. jep8fan

    Printer disappearing

    Ongoing issue with my surface pro 3 running windows 8.1 Pro. Every time I’m away for a couple weeks, I try to print sub projects but my printer is not listed. Not sure, but it seems to do it every time window updates. Does anyone else have this issue? Any fix??
  12. jep8fan

    round text anti clockwise ?

    How do you arc the upper & lower like “FLIGHTLINE”? (for those that don’t know)
  13. jep8fan

    New SCALPS4PRO Update version 4.064 is out.

    I have two computers with two different versions.... one is like 4.042 one is 4.046. I’ve “checked for updates” on both, both say “up to date”. Lol
  14. jep8fan

    Cutting HTV with CE6000

    Another thing is speed. The slowest speed on this thing is still pretty fast, especially for 1/4" text. IMG_0238.MOV
  15. jep8fan

    Cutting HTV with CE6000

    Yes. This is actually the second one we've had. USCutter warranted the first one after throwing everything new at it. You put HTV on a mat and it does fine. If you run it through without a mat, it bunches up when advancing. Makes a mess with small cuts. They both do the same thing. The space between the roller and blade is 15/16 of an inch. Our SC is a lot closer. Vinyl doesn't have enough room to wrinkle.