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  1. Just snooping around to see if there's any tips I could use and I came across my post. I remembered what I did. Window>Image trace. Click color, then full tone. Open advanced and check ignore white. Then trace.
  2. Prayers for anyone affected by the rains the past few days. SW Missouri, NW Arkansas. North central Arkansas into Missouri. Now it NE Arkansas' turn. Looks like the flooding will be less the further east it moves. I saw some horrific sights from friends on Facebook. There's several TOWNS with electricity going in & out.
  3. If you're comparing VM Cut to SCALP4, there's no comparison. VM Cut is about as basic design software there is. Now you can pay more $$$ to upgrade to higher levels (which is a gripe about SCAL I've heard on here, but to go from SCAL to SCALP is only a one time $49 option, so lost do it on the front end anyway) to get the same features in SCALP4.
  4. Post a pic of your screen when you're trying to change colors, please.
  5. Is there a trial version of Flexi out there? I can't seem to find a download site I 100% I trust. Having issues with a second Titan 2, so I want to try a different cut program. Vinyl master and SCAL4P do pretty much the same thing. Installing SignCut as I type this out.
  6. If it's going on a race car, I'd say the image will outlast the crush damage.
  7. Before too long he will have spent enough to buy a press.....
  8. Power driver mysteriously disappeared. Tech supports thinks maybe a windows update is to blame.
  9. It's not burnt. It's bluish to dark gray.
  10. What do y'all do about blacks not being anywhere near black? I thought peeped it was due to expired ink, per customer support, so I bought 2 new cartridges. Flushed heads 10 times (they said 7), but still isn't deep black. I'm using illustrator CS6, and have verified RGB are all at 0. Very frustrating, especially when there's $500 worth of work pending. And yes, mine is sleepy a lot too. Lol
  11. 1: You don't necessarily need a continuous ink system. 2: The 9in1 press is great for starting up, but not near as reliable a the dedicated, name brand presses. You need accurate and consistent temps with sublimation. Plus, they're made of cheap components. We almost burnt our house down with one. 3: Anything you sublimate will have to have a polyester based finish. You can't just buy a tumbler from wal-mart and sublimate onto it.
  12. Or you can mirror in the cut panel. One click.
  13. Not the Student version, they have it as well. I went ahead and purchased the upgrade from Corel @ 50% off.
  14. Will the Edge work for apparel transfers?