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  1. GraphxNMore

    My Tripplite Keyspan won't work

    I've had 4 different cutters connected to my laptop via USB using SCALP and never have had a keyspan adapter, and never had any issues.
  2. GraphxNMore

    Worst. Customer. Support. Ever.

    Who was the actual seller? If the seller was US Cutter, then they should've helped you. The pic means nothing. Look at the seller's name.
  3. GraphxNMore

    US Cutter costumer service

    Is some of the best around. Unfortunately, I know from plenty of experience. Everything from wrong vinyl or color being shipped out to faulty cutter out of the box to our most recent experience with a press. Our swing away started binding up when trying to open, so we bought the dual, sliding platen 16x20. First time we got the wrong press.... no way to attach the sliding mechanism. So we had to box it up and ship it back to Washington (we live an hour and 15 minutes from the Memphis location, but can’t just take it back there, even though it was never used). So I go pick up the replacement. We check it before I leave out, and sure enough... wrong press again. We get the right one and I get home with it. Open it up to get started on a 98 shirt order that’s multiple layers. The display wasn’t even visible. You could stand to the side and see it, but that’s not feasible. They sent a replacement display to no avail. So now I’m boxing this one back up and ..... you guessed it..... back to Washington. I don’t think I’ve bought a single piece of equipment I didn’t have to spend a week or more lining out for one reason or another. But we love the vinyl! #RantOver
  4. GraphxNMore

    Sawgrass 400 ink

    This is what I bought.
  5. GraphxNMore

    Need help identifying a font

    A little late to the party, but it's Tiger Rag with added effects.
  6. GraphxNMore

    Sawgrass 400 ink

    I paid $119 for 4 full, refillable cartridges along with 4 bottles of ink (one of each color of each). Plugged them into my Ricoh and haven't had an issue yet. That was a year and a half ago. Getting close to buying more refill ink. Colors are spot on. eBay can be your friend somedays.
  7. GraphxNMore

    Help Vectorizing

    Trust me on this.... never use the shirt for a color. You’ll be much happier down the road to go ahead and layer the yellow vinyl. Some designs won’t look right.
  8. GraphxNMore


    HTV glitter or foil adhesive vinyl? If foil, just up your pressure. If htv, I keep a spare blade that is deeper and 60* angle.
  9. GraphxNMore

    Opening Scal 5 svg in Scal 4 program

    SVGs are SVGs. Either should open the other SVG. .scal5 files can't be opened in 4 though. The $49 is well worth it though.
  10. GraphxNMore

    Manipulate Text

    In Sure Cuts A Lot 5Pro, it's called wrapper. Type it out then select the effect and adjust until you get the desired look.
  11. GraphxNMore

    More scalp 5 issues

    That's crazy. I've never had a single issue except it locking up on our laptop. I think that's due to a virus though. I've never had an issue with 4 or 5 on my surface. I even export items as svg and open in illustrator to print for sublimation and it's always perfect. Hope you can line it out.
  12. GraphxNMore

    Printer disappearing

    That would work, except when an update rolls out, my type cover quits working. Have to update to use it.
  13. GraphxNMore

    Swing away press “binding up”

    My concern is transfer onto garments.
  14. GraphxNMore

    Swing away press “binding up”

    What’s the best lube for the pivot rod? We’ve used sewing machine oil, but you have to be careful or you’ll get black crap all over your product. Will a graphite powder work? Thanks in advance.
  15. It's the third button down in the left hand vertical tool bar.