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  1. GraphxNMore

    SCALP 4 Altering shapes size

    You can also grab the arrows in the middle of either the right hand side or bottom edge of the image selection window. Click, hold and drag.
  2. GraphxNMore

    How do I cut larger than my printer will print?

    Why are you printing if you have rolls of vinyl? Are you doing color?
  3. GraphxNMore

    Unknown name of design

    Actually, that's called a bad arrhythmia.
  4. GraphxNMore

    I know it's probably something easy...

    Recreate the P. The rest is one of the Adobe fonts, italicized.
  5. GraphxNMore

    Need Help - Double cutting the image!

    Look at "Multi cut". It should say "off". It's in the window when you click "cutter" to cut.
  6. GraphxNMore

    Font is cutting three times..

    It's a bad trace. You'll be way more time ahead to just recreate. It's simple text with a rectangle.
  7. GraphxNMore

    Font is cutting three times..

    I'll look at it, give me a few minutes.
  8. GraphxNMore

    Font help please

    Capone GG also fits, but commercial.
  9. GraphxNMore

    Font help please

  10. GraphxNMore

    Texts are outline & can't really see them

    Click view->show outlines only.
  11. GraphxNMore

    "Show print tiling"

    There's no minus front in CS6. I send the smaller one to back, but minus back does nothing in the program. I get a message saying groups... yada yada.... this function may have no result....and it doesn't. There's a subtract, but it yields no result either.
  12. GraphxNMore

    "Show print tiling"

    One more question.... When sublimating coffee mugs, I need a rectangle at times for a guide. If I draw a white rectangle and add stroke, the white "fill" area always leaves a slight pinkish box. I've made it true white and even turned fill off, nothing stops it. I tried to do a minus back using two rectangles, but it won't do it. I can have the exact desired frame in 6 seconds using Scalp. Not sure what I'm missing. Clipping mask won't work either.
  13. GraphxNMore

    "Show print tiling"

    That's what I needed. Thanks! ( I never messed with it there in fear of screwing my sublimation settings, I figured there'd be a setting somewhere else)
  14. GraphxNMore

    "Show print tiling"

    When you "show print tiling"..... the box that shows your 'paper edges'.
  15. GraphxNMore

    "Show print tiling"

    How do I adjust it to be 8.5x14 instead of 8.5x11? (CS6)