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  1. suzy1479

    font help please

    thank, that's close enough
  2. suzy1479

    font help please

    looks kind of like the Nissan GLE, but these are from a Volvo. I did check brands of the world, and they did not have GLE. I just need something close. I also tried what the font and had no luck.
  3. suzy1479

    font help please

    anyone know this font. thanks for any help.
  4. suzy1479

    font help

    I see. thanks for the help. I could not figure out this font on my own. I found the "clarendon" font on several sites for approximately 25 dollars. I want to get this order done by tomorrow.
  5. suzy1479

    font help

    I'm confused. Was that link for pirated or stolen fonts?
  6. suzy1479

    font help

    thanks skarekrow.
  7. suzy1479

    font help

    i tried what the font and keep getting an error. thanks for any help
  8. suzy1479

    Poker Chips

    that's super cool.
  9. suzy1479

    Wood grain Gripping

    that looks super cool.
  10. suzy1479

    Tattered vinyl

    your rolls look different than mine. my rolls are white on the inside and are stamped orafol. they are not brown paper rolls.
  11. suzy1479

    font help

    thanks. done with the t-shirt. I'm very happy with how it came out.
  12. suzy1479

    font help

    Thanks for the help :-)
  13. suzy1479

    font help

    I want to make a shirt like this for myself. My 17 year old has just early enlisted into the air force. he will go to boot camp at the end of his senior year, June 2015. Does anyone know the font or can help me with the MOM part also.
  14. received my order today by fedex and found out it was missing 1 of my rolls oracal vinyl. I called customer support and talked to Curtis. he had it straightened out in about 4 minutes and they are shipping the roll of vinyl today. thanks us cutter for the awesome customer support and best prices around.
  15. suzy1479

    First Tiles

    I love it. looks awesome.