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  1. SandyM114

    blank banners needed

    Banner John, you listed your vendor for good banners a couple of years ago and I've lost it. All I can find in my list is ATW banners, and I don't think that's the one. Sandy
  2. I think I'll cut this for my grandson's bedroom wall. Thanks! Sandy
  3. I load my vinyl in the cutter, then wipe the back of it with a dryer sheet. Sandy
  4. SandyM114

    A few earlier projects

    Love the domino necklaces. Haven't seen those...Sandy
  5. My granddaughter is wanting a laptop skin with an intricate heart something like an Ed Hardy design. Does anyone have anything like that? I'm thinking I'll print it on the photo tex paper. Would that work or do I need to do it in vinyl? Thanks everyone! Sandy
  6. SandyM114

    how do i trace an image

    Thanks, Chris. I wrote down your steps to try also. Sandy
  7. SandyM114

    tax exempt certificate??

    But the organizations on the form they sent me were all non-profit. This can't be the right form.Sandy
  8. SandyM114

    Pressing on Shirt Sleeves

    For long sleeves, Stahls says to line up your transfer vertically as close to the fold in the sleeve as possible, not to center it on the fold exactly. Supposed to show better when you wear it.Sandy
  9. SandyM114

    tax exempt certificate??

    I've been ordering from Imprints Wholesale for a couple of years now and received an email yesterday asking me to fill out a tax exempt form for my state and fax it back. All the choices on the form were for churches and non-profit businesses it looked like. I've never been asked to fill one of these out before from any vendor. I've just had to fax others my resale tax permit. Has anyone else received this request? Sandy
  10. I just received an order from Shine Art in California. 7.50 per 10 gross of 4 mm crystals. They're Pelossa, supposed to be top of the line.who knows?? Sandy
  11. SandyM114

    my first big order finished....

    17.99 for screen print, anyone have an idea for what to charge for vinyl? The back transfer is about 3.50 the vinyl for the sleeves and left chest is, not much probably, it's one color. I keep coming up with 24.00 and can't see how to do them for less.Sandy
  12. I did a fundraiser with our local cheerleaders at our little school. School population from pre-kind through 8th grade is about 325. We sold about 90 shirts, so I guess that was pretty good. It was the largest shirt order I've attempted. I used heat press vinyl.They had been using a local screen printer, but the quality has been going downhill for the past couple of orders so I got a shot at it. Lots of work! I'm doing the graduating class shirts next with the signature transfers from Transfer Express. They had been paying 17.00 for a hoody with a large design on back in one color and chest design on front. I'm thinking I can't give them that good of a price.We're putting school name and team name on each sleeve, chest design in one color, and the back signature design. I'm thinking I can't really do it for less than 24.00. What would you price it at? Sandy
  13. SandyM114

    Pistal Pete

    This Okie grabbed p pete also. Thank you!
  14. SandyM114


    Thanks for the eagles...I grabbed them also. I'm 2 designs on tshirts for our school cheerleaders this week. I think I have 85 shirts to get done in vinyl. I cut about a third of them this afternoon then ran out of vinyl so will have to re=order before I can completely finish the order. I'm always on the lookout for eagles...Sandy
  15. SandyM114

    any embroiderers out there?

    The company didn't ask if I had permission, but Frito Lay did give it to me to stitch their employees shirts. My Melco uses exp but can also read dst. Sandy