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  1. Hi I am looking for outlines for a 57 Ford Fairlane 2dr hardtop and a 1950 ford hardtop and if anyone knows or has a outline of a headrig from a sawmill I need these for a headstone this is for my bro as he was into old cars and was a sawyer at a sawmill having a hard time finding on web I guess not looking in right places ! Thank you very much in advance..
  2. Nkoot

    Just Curious

    I thought I was the only one with this problem!!!
  3. How that got checked I can not see myself doing it as I just basically view the new content and have not been making changes or clicking on things.
  4. Thank YOU ALL FOR your help I think I finally got it going !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! some how the the button on the bottom was on items I follow was checked when I unchecked it I COULD SEE ITS A merical
  5. Yes I can on your post And tried the same settings just get this one post I have mine set at the last 24 hours ! not getting any more treads at all !
  6. when I go to the main forum page I see new posts but when I try to load new content button all I get is this one tread ??? I have restarted the computer and it does the same on my tablet to!!
  7. it was displaying " sorry no new content " now all I am seeing is just this one new tread that we are on and no other treads
  8. Thank you all that answered !! sorry I posted in the wrong spot from what I figure however it was the topic that I could post to at the time. it seems like this is the only new content tread that seems to load up at this time is there other treads or is this the only one that I see
  9. been trying restart computer and copy and paste as slice&dice said nothing is working can not see any new content just by luck I can see this page !!
  10. signed in again did a resart of computer and stil all I get when I click on New Content I still get sorry no new content don't want to lose this forum I like it !!!!!!!!!!!
  11. yes slice and dice what I get is no new content and nothing else on the page
  12. When I click on the new content button on the top right hand side of the page , What I get is no new content found !!
  13. Is the new content part of the site down don't get any thing just no new content just a blank page ?
  14. Nkoot

    Corel Draw OEM (uscutter)

    I have Corel X6 and can not use it to cut from Corel to A 54in master cutter it will not cut even though when I ordered it I was told it would but I guess I did not get the guys name and employee Number so I was told that I was S.O.L. since I could not prove that he told me what he did !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!