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  1. rpmrpm

    Such a newbie problem- but I need help

    Is the OP possibly referring to scaling/resolution. Like when you design a 1" square and it cuts a 1.1" square. If so see this thread. http://forum.uscutter.com/index.php?/topic/48656-cutter-cutting-decals-slightly-too-large/
  2. rpmrpm

    Gotta love Psycho-Hose-Beasts...

    From linked Orafol 631 product page above. I had never read this before. "Allowing graphics extended time after application before removing application tape allows adhesive further time to create a full bond (up to 24 hours)." Regardless of the outcome of this situation, I learned something today to keep in my bag of tricks.
  3. Purchased one extra shirt and played around with time, temp and pressure (Just a pocket logo). It took some adjustments but the test shirt held-up after 3 wash/drying cycles. So pressed up the requested 15. And off they go into the world................... I'll update if I get a report of premature wear. Overall I really like the Plastisol transfers from Semo.
  4. One way to find out for sure.
  5. Jersey smooth ladies polo with "stainshield" and was going to do try Semo Plastisol transfers. Semo say's it will not work. Has anyone gotten this combo to work Or what are my transfer options? Before I look for a embroidery shop. "Customer" wants half work t-shirts for shop and half Polo for front end staff. Was trying to do this all off the same batch of plastisol transfers, just a 3 color pocket logo. http://www.jiffyshirts.com/jerzees-437W.html
  6. rpmrpm

    New guy from Arkansas

    I have searched pretty good & have found it hard to beat USCutter prices and the one time a issue came up it was handled properly. I also try to save up a order to maximize on the $9.99 flat shipping. EDIT and PS. Do not overlook the less expensive cost of the smaller size rolls (length & width) Yes you will save approx $30 on a say 30"x10yrd vs 30"x50 (approx .20c cheaper per linear foot for the 50yrd roll, .20x150=$30) But do out some math. Say you want to stock 10colors in 30"x50yrd 10 at $107.25 (colors are $130 a roll) at the end of all this you save 10x$30= $300 but you have had to invest $795 over the cost of 10x$27.75=$277.50 (30"x10yrd) not worth the $795 additional investment in my opinion. I have seen most of the smart guys on here (NOT ME) keep 50yrd rolls of white, black and maybe a silver then 10yrd rolls of any other color they want to stock. Also the cost per square foot of 24" vs 30" is almost identical (less than 1/2 cent difference) So you could lower the investment cost to 10x$21.99 = $219.99 (for 24"x10yrd) A little planning and a 24" roll goes a long way. Just saying, or was that too much...........and waiting for the professionals to correct me..............
  7. rpmrpm

    New guy from Arkansas

    Greenstar will adhere just fine. It just has a low outdoor lifespan. My experience in Soothern California as car window decals (my family & friends) Greenstar has only lasted max 1 year before discoloring and/or cracking. Oracal 651 is the lowest cost vinyl I would "sell" as a car window decal. And for on paint Oracal 751. I do use Greenstar outdoor for temporary signs or hobby projects. I like the outdoor mat finish black & white for indoor signs and plaques. Has the nice glare free finish but has a good full adhesive. (sell lots of this to crafting groups)
  8. rpmrpm

    ribbed ?

    http://www.jiffyshirts.com/anvil-882L.html I just did 10 of these for a ladies group doing a "Mud Run" no ribs/smooth. Descent quality and they have a pink.
  9. rpmrpm

    Welcome back Peeps

    Thank-You all for the efforts. I enjoy checking in a couple times a day and see whats going on.
  10. rpmrpm

    Finally pulled the trigger

    Totally makes sense, thanks for the factual clarification.
  11. rpmrpm

    Finally pulled the trigger

    I only use it for 631. Why do they call it...... "The semi-transparent face film and special high-tack adhesive used in ORATAPE HT55" http://www.uscutter.com/ORATAPE-HT55-Decorative-Film-Transfer-Tape-for-631-Vinyl
  12. rpmrpm

    Finally pulled the trigger

    A few things..... Oracal HT55 application tape is made for flat/mat finished vinyl like 631 drywall safe & 8810/8510 etched glass. It may be so/so for normal glossy 651, 751 etc. But may have too high a tack and want to hang on to your decal after applied, especially to a smooth surface like a car. For autobody decals I would use Greenstar classic medium, you are going to be using lots if doing full side body decals. (good to see you got a app tape roller, it will become your friend) You said you needed to still order App tape, But your top starter kit includes a 12" and a 6" roll. They are only 100' sample rolls, but that is plenty for you to "play with" while you get the hang of the hole process. Ow and PS, Good luck with the "Private work only" part! As soon as it "leaks out" you will be cutting for others.
  13. rpmrpm

    Need Help - Double cutting the image!

    Also if you had been using "cut selection only" it would be cutting only one layer. Probably the top one.
  14. rpmrpm

    Professional Installation Not Included

    Funny story and video (worked for me on FireFox)
  15. rpmrpm

    stepper motor sc cutter small type?

    No experience with Razorcut, Scalp is a low end basic cutter software. I my opinion,it is just fine for basic font and shape design. In the long run you would be better suited to learning a true design software, AI, Corel, Inkscape, etc. But SCALP has gotten me pretty far for just basic stuff. Maybe ask for a upgrade from 3 to the current version 4Pro that is a descent improvement if you go with the SC. PS: after reading your last post with outsourced job cost, I would spend the $$ and invest in a Titan 3. Your return on investment will be quickly recovered.