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  1. msmith08

    graphic collection

    I signed up under you robochan, thanks for the invite. Mike
  2. msmith08

    What did I do??

    Thanks CRD I got it. Mike
  3. msmith08

    What did I do??

    Can anyone tell me what I must of done. If I put something on my screen and I grab it to move it, it automatically duplicates until I stop moving the mouse. Any help would be appreciatted.. Thanks...Mike
  4. msmith08

    first rhinestone shirt

    Sandy your not the first that read it And The heat press won't hurt the mousepads, I ve done some myself.. Mike
  5. msmith08

    first rhinestone shirt

    Nice shirts Sandy,it does wonders for the shirt...Mike
  6. msmith08

    Screenprinting Corroplast

    Mumpower Its right there in your backyard. Bristol, Tn. I believe. Great prices very quick and great people. Mike
  7. Thanks everyone I grabbed some. Mike
  8. msmith08

    How to make a mirror?

    Personally I just bought a few from a craft store just for practice purposes. Id think you would wanna buy the better stuff from a Glass and Mirror Company for customers. The craft store mirror aren't the greatest quality but are fairly inexpensive for practicing on. Mike
  9. msmith08

    How to make a mirror?

    The majority of the people just purchase from a mirror and glass company then etch/sandblast. Mike
  10. msmith08


    Maybe I'm nuts here but seems to me there are 5 colors in tractor. I'm still new but Im thinking with that many colors I'd have one of the guys on here print it for you. Just my thoughts. Mike
  11. msmith08

    Couple of Mirrors

    Nice work
  12. msmith08

    OSU Buckeye

    Thanks Joe, I grabbed it.. Mike
  13. msmith08

    statue of liberty in eps

    Try here: Mike
  14. msmith08

    need Balto Ravens ASAP

    Try here. Mike