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  1. 2GuysSign

    Just stoppin in to say hi!

    Always give the landlord a Two Guys Sign New Tenant Package for the next Business!
  2. 2GuysSign

    Just stoppin in to say hi!

    Just wanted to see how u guys and gals are doing! Right now i havent been doing much new sign installation work but sign removal for business going out of business! i had 4 jobs this week for sign removal so you can see what the economy has done to all small businesses! It is sad to see some local business go down and loosing another customer to this economy! Hopefully things turn around soon and i wish all the best! Harold CEO Two Guys Sign & Service, LLC
  3. 2GuysSign

    Bungalow Bar Truck done today

    lettering is great, whats with the house roof :thumbsup:
  4. 2GuysSign

    The Two Guys Bucket Truck!

    Yea, as soon as the cabinet paint hardens, i have my services that im going to list on the Utility Cabinets. also im going to wrap the bucket itself with banner material and put my logo on that as well!
  5. 2GuysSign

    The Two Guys Bucket Truck!

    the truck came stock with 20's... I just painted the spokes gold and the rim itself black... Just made a new bucket control box for the inside of the bucket and i have all controls working... also painted the drivers side of the truck!
  6. 2GuysSign

    The Two Guys Bucket Truck!

    60% of our work is lit sign repair. We also do new Installations and refaces as well!
  7. 2GuysSign

    First Banner

    Nice Job :thumbsup: Too bad its for a PT Cruiser Club!!! :'(
  8. 2GuysSign

    The Two Guys Bucket Truck!

    Yea, i am really pleased with the outcome... I know it is not perfect, but i want it to look nice from a distance! Next is to finish the other side and the graphics and get my Smoke Stacks!!!
  9. 2GuysSign

    The Two Guys Bucket Truck!

    Here it is... First pic is when we picked it up. Second Pic is painted third pic is new door graphics!!!
  10. WOW! i didn't know that cutters worked sealed in the box!!! lol j/k! Looks great chris. I need to purchase an enclosed trailer!
  11. Basically i just advertise. As soon as i finish a job, im out at the shopping plazas with cards and flyers. The best thing that happened was out in a large town, another sign guy kept over charging and screwing up everything he touched, so all of his business came to me!
  12. um, i'd charge $125 to $150... Thats because of all the small text!
  13. 2GuysSign

    storing scrap vinyl...

    i have an old sign warehouse box when i use to order from them from my other business... time to upgrade soon, its falling apart!
  14. 2GuysSign

    Liquor store sign.

    I use 851 for vehicles, easier to conform to tight edges and lasts longer!