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  1. Overcut and offset stops it happening for me.
  2. holes and more holes

    hiya Yes, I see little point in having it done for me I would like to learn how to do these things in corel :-) I don't get much time to play around but when i do I always seen to want to stuff beyond my ability heheh.. BTW. I don't do this for a living but do make the signs for my shop and van etcc..
  3. holes and more holes

    hiya Thanks in advance for your time, i love this forum. I may change the sign yet so would like to know how to do this with any font :-) Kind regards Richard front
  4. holes and more holes

    hi guys this is what I want to do, I am designing a sign for my shop and want to equally place LED's inside the letters.. a bit like a theater sign but smaller. knowing how good you guys are could some kind person tell me how to cut lot of holes in the text that are equally placed and 3mm diameter. Would this be with an overlay ? A bit like the image but with more holes, many thanks Richard
  5. font Gelato

    many thanks E.L i appreciate your time, my problem is the cost of the fonts. I do very little cutting and can't really justify $60 for one font when I might only use it one time.
  6. font Gelato

    hey guys i'm trying to find gelato font or failing that one that is similar,, the trouble is it only for one job and gelato is £60 which would wipe out the profit :-( thanks guys you rock . Rich BTW just found out drag n drop works for images in posts heheh
  7. vintage look

    hiya thanks for the replies and the link, interesting but not quite what I am looking for . I am thinking of something more like the attachment, could i use sand paper on the vinyl before pressing ? Rich
  8. vintage look

    hiya I am very much an amature, and am wondering if there is a way to make a freshly printed T shirt look vintage ? I know you can do it with the artwork if you print direct to T's but I use vinyl and heat press it on.. Regards Rich
  9. yes its another noob font request :-) please

    thanks dude, i appreciate you spending the time Rich
  10. yes its another noob font request :-) please

    Woohoo I think I have it, it's Adventure.ttf thanks guys, i love this site. Rich
  11. yes its another noob font request :-) please

    Hiya thank you HiDef not really it I dont think ? I found another really really close which is sf Comic strip Condenced although its not perfect it may have to do. thank you Richard
  12. hiya guys n gals, would someone be so kind as to id a font for me ? the closest i can get is a Berlin font You guys on here always come up trumps, You rock !!! Thank you for you help in advance Richard UK
  13. line appearing ??

    Thank you very much Mz SKEETER it opens in signlab fine now, any ideas why I couldn't see them in corel ? i spent ages looking for lines there . Thanks again Rich
  14. line appearing ??

    hiya please could some kind soul check this for me as it's driving me nuts AHHH!!! I have looked over the wireframe and cant find anything wrong, in Corel x4 the wireframe looks good but when I save the file and then import into Signlab a line appears from one side to the other side which then gets cut. I have circled where the odd line appears in signlab but as you can see there isn't one in corel. Could it be a white line or transparent ? kind regards Rich complete BW logo
  15. IMG 20120404 154137

    I love this graphic, it is like a Japaneese wood cut wave. I use a similar idea for my comapny logo. Any chance I could get the file so I can make a border for my shop window from frosted vinyl ? Regards Rich