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  1. First, this is a quote from graphtec's web page: "We do not have plan to comply with the Windows Vista (64bit version)" Here is the link: I have a 2 year old (bought new) CE-3000-40 MII So I e-mailed graphtec the following note: "I am discouraged that Graphtec has decided not to support 64 bit Vista systems with upgraded drivers. These 64 bit systems are about all you can buy now in the world of computers. I will sell my Graphtec machines (while I still can), and then advise all acquaintances in the vinyl cutting business not to buy Graphtec machines until they support the new computers.. This decision will ultimately hurt your business I am afraid." That was the entire e-mail I sent them. Well...Within 5 minutes of sending that note, someone named "Charlie" (Asian accent so yu'll know him in case you have the pleasure/displeasure of talking to him.) called me on my phone and proceeded to ream me a new one! Seems I "struck a nerve"?!?! He said (and I quote) "Your e-mail is threatening, and you might be someone who would come in with a gun and start shooting!" I'M SERIOUS!!!! He said that! Sheesh... He lambasted me for about 15 minutes! Anyway, he still wouldn't commit to a 64 bit driver for my "Old" (as he called my ancient 2 year old plotter) CE-3000 mkII. He indicated that there might be one in a couple of months for "current shipping models". Anyway, you've been warned: e-mail Graphtec "threatening" them, and you WILL face the "Wrath of Charlie"!