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    Cutting order in Craft Robo

    I sent the similar inquiry to Graphtec and here's what I got: When the Cutting Master 2 is used, please change the setting of the Optimize cutting order. It needs to be set to the “Speed Priority” or the “Restrict Media Movement”. This option is available in the “Advanced” tab of the Cutting Master 2. When the “None” is selected, the cutting order is not controlled by the Cutting Master 2. Order of the output pattern is determined by the OS, it looks out of order. So, the cutting of pattern seems to be done in randomly. When the “Speed Priority” or the “Restrict Media Movement” is selected, cutting patterns are sorted in the Cutting Master 2 and then the sorted data is transferred to the plotter. We can send information of local distributor to support to you. Please send your location (city and country) to us. Best regards, Graphtec Corporation Yokohama, Japan Thanks Graphtec Japan, Guess it was that simple, so far the job is going fairly well without any excessive moves.
  2. Hi, I am trying to figure out if there is a way to deal with the cutting order when sending a job to Craft Robo Pro (CE-5000-40-CRP). I typically work on AutoCad/Rhinoceros 3D to generate my 2D file, which I then import into Adobe Illustrator. Following the typical instructions of setting up at Cutting Master 2 in Adobe Illustrator, the eventual job gets done without a problem. But in my case, I am looking for a particular method to speed up the workflow. The file that I that I have been working on has enormous amount of staggered cut lines (please see attached screengrab). What I have been trying to do is to find out the way to control the order of the cut. But with several attempts of trying, there are many cases that it will cut certain portion of the far left hexagon and then it jumps to other hexagon and starts cutting them. Lets say that this file can potentially be done in 1 hour, but this inconsistent jump to other cut will subtly cause a certain amount of time wasted, maybe another 15-20 minutes will be wasted for non-cutting head travel. I would like so that the machine will cut them in particular order (say from inside to out, and clockwise) so that the work flow will be a bit more smoother. If anyone have any suggestions or similar experience please let me know.