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  1. Does this Vinyl Exist?

    Siser is coming out with the PSV (pressure sensitve vinyl) in January. They will have glitter in it. Not sure on how it will be for durability as it is brand new
  2. Video of my LED RGB edge lit sign

    That's awesome work
  3. borders with SCALP4

    I usually use to shadow layer (under the effects option) and set the offset that I want. Then you can do shape frames as well, not just rectangle, squares, or circles. Then select both layers and us the merge option to create the frame
  4. I give up with these damn printers

    Do laser make a better shirt transfer, quality wise? Been watching for a less expensive laser to try for one of my customers who has a band
  5. Having a real hard time installing on glass

    I would switch to SPLASH or Rapidtac for app fluid, I was using the homemade and had issues same as you. Switched to SPLASH from USCutter and no issues since...knock on wood And 751 is cast and longer life span too instead of 651
  6. Nissan Titan

    All set I found one that worksed
  7. Nissan Titan

    I am hunting for a top view of a Nissan Titan XD, any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you
  8. How was your Monday

  9. How was your Monday

    From ground to roof line is about 14ft, the snow banks now almost touch the roof line. Another foot tomorrow. Wouldn't move to Cali for any type of weather tho.
  10. How was your Monday

    My redneck measuring put it at 29" in the driveway with the blowing so i say we got almost 3ft over night and it hasn't stopped yet. Oh and another foot on Wed Yippie
  11. How was your Monday

    This is my 2005 Altima, well the little we could dig out. Spent an hour digging it and the wife's Camry out. Our plow guy broke down and when he made it he couldn't move more then a path for us to get out with the cars. Have a call into a buddy for a bucket loader. God I love Maine winters... nope not one bit
  12. First Attempt at Blasting Glass

    Great looking work
  13. Hard drive crashes

    I think you can do it two or three times before it has to be reset but I can't remember 100%
  14. Hard drive crashes

    You can try, they had to reset my serial number when mine died