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    ICC Profiles for Flexi-10

    Hello Folks, I have been 100% UN-Successful in loading any of the older (flexi-8)Roland SC-500 ICC output profiles into flexi-10. Flexi-10 simply refuses to load them into the rip/print dialog page. Attempting to <ADD> one of the many profiles I had working perfectly with flexi-8 simply results in the file being ignored, no error message, no nothing.. just unable to <add> any icc output profile. Anyone using flexi-10 with a CJ/SC-500 have any working profiles or suggestions? thanks! -t
  2. lodcomm

    Hybrid Print & Vinyl Cut Job

    Hello Folks, I am printing and plotting on a hybrid roland sc500 I need a hand on how to lay out and send this job to production manager for printing and cutting. I am making a business sign for a customer. I want the basic sign border & Lettering simply plot-cut directly out of white vinyl only - no ink whatsoever on this area. I also wish to insert a black printed car image with a contour cut around the outside. Here is the basic outline: basically I am trying to send the job to the production manager to simply print the Car image, and then, after drying.. cut the sign border, letters, and the contour cut around the printed vette image. If I set the sign border and letters to not printable in the layers palette & send the job, production manager simply prints the car image in the lower left corner of the media losing it's relative position in the sign overall as in: What I wish to accomplish is this at the production manager, but only printing black ink on the car image itself, and no ink on the letters: hopefully I am making sense! thanks in advance -todd
  3. Hey Folks, Just wanted to let everyone know that I recently purchased an MH 871-MK2 from US-Cutter and it is working perfectly fine with the USB connection directly from my Mac Mini/OSX 10.7.5 - No serial converter needed. I basically installed the Sure Cuts A Lot software that came with the cutter. Once installed and registered, the SCAL software advised me that there was an update available, and I performed the update to SCAL Ver 3.047. In the Help menu on SCAL there was an option to install drivers for MH series cutters, which I did. I then rebooted my Mac. After the reboot, I plugged the USB cable directly from the mac to the 871's USB port, fired up SCAL - dragged a shape onto the layout screen, and hit the cut button - Sure enough the cutter came alive and plotted out the pattern perfectly happily. hopefully things will go as easily for other MAC users.. Todd