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  1. twister23m

    Downloading fonts

    can any of you guys send me a bunch of fonts and tell me how to save them in flexi so I can use them. I found a couple sites where it says free fonts but when I extract them to flexi, They are just not there. Maybe its the way I am doing it. One site is simply the best fonts it has a place where you can click to download the fonts but I cant get them into flexi and get them accessible. Thanks for any help. John
  2. Thanks guys , got it working great!!!!!
  3. Hows everyone doing? I love my Refine MH721, this forum and beacon Beacon gets my vinyl here normally next day and worst case two days and really cheap shipping A+.! Flexi is by far the most user friendly I have tried except I cant find out how to get registration marks on my colored layers that I am cutting. Could someone give me step by step instructions for flexi registration marks? I guess you can also call them crop marks? I am lettering a race car now and registration marks would make it a ton faster. Thanks! email to john
  4. twister23m

    me again

    Okay, I have that working but when I save two layers to send to sign cut. I open it up in signcut and its upsidedown and it appears to be only one layer. How do you seperate the layers for cutting? We are making progress for sure. I just hope you guys have the patience to put up with someone who is starting from scratch and is pretty much computer illiterate. Thanks again!
  5. twister23m

    Show ME How? please

    Having the same problem with inkscape, I save it as a eps file and either nothing or one letter shows up on signcut. HELP!
  6. twister23m

    me again

    okay. I have the concept down with layering but I cant find out how to make the smaller layer appear on top. My background layer always covers my main lettering when I do the align and distribute and the second problem I am having is when I save it it says boundary around whole page or follow path of text. I save it as an eps file and when it gets to signcut I only get one letter and only one layer. Have any tips? Thanks John
  7. twister23m

    multi layered lettering

    I am banging my head guys. Using inskape, how can I achieve multi colored letters and crop marks. Also how do I get it to signcut? Thanks, Will check back soon. You guys have been a huge help! John
  8. twister23m


    Thanks a bunch!
  9. twister23m

    HELP guys

    Sorry for bugging you guys again! First, how get into the BIOS settings to change the settings to ECP on my parallel port? Second, if I want to create a graphic, like a name , do I open up inkscape or signcut to do it? Do I need the signcut disc in to run the program? What is the small disc for that came with my package? I am really clueless about this stuff but with your help I know I will get it. I ran a testcut with the square and diamond and it cut great and was the proper depth. It weeded out nice. I am dying to make multi colored layered graphics but dont know where to start. Third, I registered on signcut x2 but I couldn't find where it said le or pe. The only license number was on the purchase ticket and license number and it say 1 month under pe. Lastly, can I put my printer/fax back on my computer or will it mess up the other drivers. I run windows XP. Thanks again. Please send results to John
  10. twister23m


  11. twister23m

    couple questions

    Thanks for the info!
  12. twister23m

    One more question

    BEACON is another good place. Very competative prices and cheap shipping, They have anything you can think of related to signs. They sent me 7 books of color chart,heat presses, striping, software and so on. Good luck!
  13. twister23m

    couple questions

    Firt one, can I also used punched vinyl with my 721 and how hard id it to use 15" in my 24" cutter? I got a real good deal on sone 15" punched vinyl. Thatnks for any info in advance. My home email is Thanks again