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  1. Hi Brandon, you star! I'll give you a ring at some point this week once I get the time. Terribly busy at the moment. I really appreciate the offer for help! Cheers, Mich
  2. Hi Guys, I've got a PCUT630 and I'm using it with a Mac and with SiognCut X2. I know this particular forum is not for the MAC but I'm running out of things to test and I wonder whether you guys might have come accros this strange issue? (http://forum.uscutter.com/index.php/topic,19417.0.html) Basically, my plotter seems to 'amplify' the size of the work I feed to it via SignCut X2. For example, trying to cut a circle of 3x3cm, the plotter tries to cut a circle of 60x60cms!! I've tried different files (all EPS format) and they all do the same sir. Have calibrated the plotter via the software and when running the calibration cut from the application it cuts the required 300mm x 300mm square fine. I can also cut the small square directly from the offline menu on the cutter itself. So somewhere between the software or in the plotter the sizing seems to get screwed and it ends up really big?! Any ideas what this might be? P.S. I will try tonight with the default software on Windows, once I get a Windows machine up and running to test on. Any help would really be apreciated! Many thanks, Mich
  3. Have just run the 'calibrate cutter' option from SignCut to cut out that 300mm x 300mm square. It does that just fine and the square is the right size.... Not tried the Windows option yet but will have a look at it later.
  4. This could obviously be a typical 'looser' error, but right now I just don't get it... :- I checked the size/scale setup in SignCut and its set to either mm or cm. Doesn't make a difference either. So I cannot see whether the plotter is 'amplifying' the drawing or whether SignCut is going mental on me? I'll try a Windows XP machine tonight to see what happens with the original software that came with the plotter....
  5. Not sure how to calibrate the plotter through SignCut. Any hints would be appreciated! In terms of the X-Scale and Y-Scale values, they're both around 27800... not the exact numbers because I'm responding from work, but if you need the exact numbers I can confirm tonight. Did another cut earlier btw, just a small circle of 3x4cm created in Inkscape, saved as EPS and then opened in SignCut. SignCut recognizes the size as 3x4cm but when it then sends it to the plotter it tries to cut a circle of about 60-80cm in size!!! This is mad!
  6. Hi Guys, I'm running out of ideas here and I wonder whether you guys can cast an eye on my problem? I've got the PCUT630 on an iMac and am using SignCut to 'try' to cut some vinyl. For some bizarre reason the plotter always seems to amplify the size of the image I am wanting to cut. All I'm trying to do here is to cut a 15cm x 5cm decal and the thing goes beserk. It rolls all the way to the end of the vinyl (a couple of meters......) and then starts cutting in HUGE size. I've already wasted loads of material because of this and I just cannot get it to work properly. I can cutout the 30x30 frame with SignCut in the correct size and I can also cut the small square in the right size directly from the plotter menu. What on EARTH is going on here??? Please help! Many thanks! Mich
  7. Hi Guys, a quick post to let you know about another solution to this, what appears to be, all too common issue with the Pcut plotters. I've followed the *******PCut freeze up issue while cutting!!!******* thread with interest and checked everything, just like the user did, but I just could not get my plotter to stop hanging mid-way through a cut. I then did some more research into the problem and found an article on a UK plotter forum. They said that they got rid of the issue by stopping to use the Production Manager in FlexiSign Pro. Either that or they simply used the PLTdraw utility that comes with the plotter. I had a look into disabling the Production Manager for Flexisign pro, but couldn't find the setting. I then used PLTdraw to cut a large and complex number of shapes that would always freeze before. This time it worked!!! I'm very happy now. It looks like that if one still has issues after adjusting all the settings and/or changing cables, it could all be down to the pesky production manager software that simply doesn't do its job properly. The only drawback of this solution (not for me) is that PLTdraw only recognizes PLT files. Illustrator and Photoshop don't do these, so you'd have to use Corel Draw. Happy plottering!! Mich
  8. Hi Guys, first of all many thanks for putting up this forum. It's been a great resource so far! I've recently bought a CTN 630 in the UK on eBay because of my budget and I'm only going to be using it at home, so I didn't want to shell out