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  1. BigGreen

    Swooper feather flags

    Anyone got a good place to buy them ?
  2. BigGreen

    My DIY screen press

    thought about that if I need to easy to do at anytime
  3. BigGreen

    Cap heat press

    Lets see it cut on the platen or a little pic of how its being used .
  4. BigGreen

    My DIY screen press

    Probley going to run the router around it to make it smoother to install shirts on the board .
  5. Well here's the finally look of it single station have around $25 in it . Think it will get me started and I will grow in to better as needed . Still got to make or come up with a table to bolt it to .
  6. BigGreen

    Cap heat press

    Nothing yet just got it out the box . Lol
  7. BigGreen

    Cap heat press

    Well I got me a cap press .
  8. BigGreen

    Screen printing pallet/platen

    Made me 7 Different sizes .
  9. What are some of the sizes that would be handy to have bought a couple sheets of finished boards going to cut them up . So what's some sizes to have ?
  10. BigGreen

    Thinking about silk screen

    Little single printer I just made to get me started . Got to start some where .
  11. BigGreen

    pcut ctn-1200

    got it had to change from ctn-1200 to ct-1200 ... still hate the maunel origin set . dont guess theres anyway around it to set its self is there.
  12. BigGreen

    pcut ctn-1200

    ok new problem its cutting stuff backwards and from left to right instand of right to left..
  13. BigGreen

    pcut ctn-1200

    and ya thats what was getting me it would self test fine
  14. BigGreen

    pcut ctn-1200

    ok i guess i had the buad set wrong got it working with my lxi8 software . since the only thing i messed with last only thing i see is ya have to manually set the origin it looks like . im used to auto origin set by the machine
  15. BigGreen

    pcut ctn-1200

    well i mite have got burnt cant get this cutter to do and jobs . my Lxi 8 software should run it but nothing happens . down loaded the signcut pro cant get it to do a job on it either . cant get it to run my cutter i got so heck i dont know ..