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  1. timbo26

    Font ID

    thank you so much!!!
  2. timbo26

    Font ID

    Does anyone have an idea on what font this could be for ISLANDER? no problem if not, i will recreate if need be. thanks for any feedback!!
  3. timbo26

    Chiseled / Beveled Serpentine Font?

    i too have always looked for this and just tried to wing it on my own but to no avail. thanks for any help.
  4. timbo26

    font help

  5. timbo26

    font help

    sorry, i found it.
  6. timbo26

    font help

    can anyone identify this font? maybe custom editted? thanks so much
  7. timbo26

    Let's see your company logo(s)!

    Heres my latest logo. if you are in this business you can never be satisfied with your logo. its probably your #1 selling point.
  8. timbo26

    somewhat simple vector

    just d/led inkscape going to start playing.
  9. timbo26

    somewhat simple vector

  10. timbo26

    somewhat simple vector

    Can someone vector this for me please? personal use since i am told this old saying all the time. thanks
  11. timbo26

    Number Font?

    I am looking to find the font that was used for these numbers. see them quite a bit but cant seem to match or come close to the font. i would be up for someone being able to tell me the 'style' of this font to help my search. thanks in advance.
  12. timbo26

    Registered Trademarks

    it looks like they are trying to copywrite WALLWORDS as a single word maybe. not as 2 seperate words. just keep them seperated. i really have no idea though.
  13. timbo26

    Need Barb Wire

    Thanks, I got them.
  14. timbo26

    Cartoonish Cow

    THANKS EVERYONE!! worked great!
  15. timbo26

    Cartoonish Cow

    I am looking for a cartoon-ish cow. searched thinking i would find something, but no luck. thank you very much.