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  1. I bought a combo pack on ebay with an sc cutter, sure cuts a lot pro, and an ultimate design clip art mini pack. I am having trouble importing the clip art into sure cuts a lot pro. It acts like the files are not present when I open the cd. Are they compressed ? Should I be looking for a certain type of file? Is there any hope for me? I am not computer savvy and need step by step instructions and have looked but can't seem to find the answers to my questions or don't realize the answers when I see them.
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    I just don't understand

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    I just don't understand

    I want to purchase a vinyl cutter but before deciding what suits me I need some more info. I don't understand what contour cutting is and what use it would serve. Can anyone help me? I'm considering purchasing an SC or a laser point 2. My intentions are simple: 1) do lettering for my trucking fleet 2) do numbers and sponsors for my race car 3) maybe make some t-shirts with company logo Does contour cutting have anything to do with those three things? If I buy a cutter that doesn't contour cut will I be sorry? I have searched some in the forums but I am far too busy to spend days researching this one aspect.... Hope you understand and can help.