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    Holographic Rainbow material

    Having to always be different I saw it advertised..I ordered it, and let my NEW LP II show me a thing or two..Was quite happy with this material so far...Will post my cuttings as I move along with SCAL as I find it easier than LXi master since I have the other 2 machines as well..Have a good one..
  2. petroman2012

    Need An Etching Section

    I am interested and would be nice to jump into something that might take into a nice and interesting fortay other than vinyl this and that
  3. petroman2012

    Not quite a motorcycle, not quite a car, just badass...

    Saw something like that gettin it on the BASIN between Baton Rogue and Lafayette when drivin home friday, it past 2 Louisiana State POlice with no issues on the Basin which BTW is 18 miles long which crosses over the Bayou...
  4. petroman2012

    Created A forum For Etching

    Well I joined and lets hope more will find their way to it..I am giving up cutting vinyl and alot of my equipment to convert over to etching as it appears to give a challenge to achieve a product much more solid then vinyl SO I WILL BE TRADING MY EQUIPMENT......All new designs will be applied to glass and simular material... Might show my home made blast container to those interested..
  5. petroman2012

    Any musicians out there?

    This all I have left of my music equipment..Sold most of it a month or more ago...Still have my fender and gibson
  6. petroman2012

    Whats your music are you stuck on listening to?

    Rammstein.....Godsmack....Nazareth(early moring dew).....Combichrist(Electrohead)....New Joe Walsh.......009 Sound System....Korn(Coming Undone and Thoughtless)
  7. petroman2012

    LIke some feedback on my site

    REGARDLESS......Being a first time attemp I would say 88-90 percent OK, Now, tweek it, play with it, try different elements and see what works as you are the one who inputs.....I as a few here have written many a HTML element and a lot of BATCH files...I am not gonna tell you to change this and change that as it's NOT my site and I am not the one who is creating my first or last web element...You are....Many might dis-agree with the following but try becoming familar with the latest language in implimenting HTML, I have some older books on web site creation and be happy to turn you on to them as I dont write Hyper Text Markup Language any more as well as post online any designs .......If you ever get to where you have the need for sound tracks or ambient sound tracks let me know and will gladly turn you on to them for background "color"...Experiment, I am certain WIX allows you to introduce HTML line statements to enhance whether its menu layout or graphic REZ to screen impimentation...Its your site, its your time spent on it so YOU look at it and YOU be the final set of eyes to seek what you want it to say or to appear...No offense but you CANT please everyone regardless but if you like it and if it works for you then thats all that matters regardless to whom you use to show, write,create or whether you go RAW and do it yourself.....
  8. petroman2012

    Sad day for Mad Hatter

    No..It affects me everyday, I will not give up hope he will call me one day...whether that sounds like I am nuts or not, its my dad and I hold that right to hope for a call one day...
  9. petroman2012


    Where have the days gone.
  10. petroman2012

    Sad day for Mad Hatter

    She's in a better place and not hurtin no more, as I feel for your loss, this Sunday will be a sumber day for me as my dad left 3 yrs ago and I keep waiting to for him to call me as he always did on weekends..Look at ya later..
  11. Not complaining..Not whinning..Just asking....I just got the free time to open my TITAN2 this evening and when I got to my stand box I found 1 of the rollers broken(end plastic piece) so I stopped, put stuff aside and took a couple of pictures ASSUMING they might want to know exactly what was broken in packing or shipping...Filled ness'ry info on the SUPPORT segment of this web site and also included the picture of the broken roller....Called it a evening and here I am .....Again JUST asking is all...So far...Maybe...
  12. petroman2012

    How long before your "Ticket" is dealt with...

    Well after debating I am hoping that my replacement roller gets here Monday, if not LOOK for a FOR SALE of a TITAN 2 unwrapped and unused by Monday nite...I cancelled the RMA wed and have been waiting for my roller since.....sooooo....yall have a good evenin, I am goin to bed, 6AM comes fast....
  13. petroman2012

    Decal or Sticker

    In my line of work we call those them things OVERLAYS, where as an object that enhances a background whether graphical or NO graphical it is still assigned the defining OVERLAY.
  14. petroman2012

    How long before your "Ticket" is dealt with...

    well...thought about something simular but if it runs to swivel point then it seazes it completely so I can wait, no big deal, I have my LP ii machines, havent done a great deal of cutting anyway...
  15. petroman2012

    How long before your "Ticket" is dealt with...

    Got an email from Curtis Haynes, provided him/them a picture per his request..I may start to assy the thing this evening, just havent had the drive to go at it
  16. petroman2012

    How long before your "Ticket" is dealt with...

    what is bitcoins...I am not familar with this ...
  17. petroman2012

    Here I go again...

    I am debating on either buy'in me a NEW Co-Pam professional OR the NEW TITAN...Now who wants to tell me some pro and Con on either PLEASE.. Just wanna get a simple over view other than the hype on the product page...Movin back to the Homeland and wanna get a head start on some business elements in Clay County.....
  18. petroman2012

    Here I go again...

    Have had it in my garage still in box shipped, debating to bust it or leave it till I figure on whether I am relocating or not as I am having mind issues about the headache and drama unfolding before I have even gotten the first box to pack....
  19. petroman2012

    Contour cutting phototex

    ok..Never mind, yall had my mind workin on something but since no thermal no problem, leave all that stuff up to the youngon's..I will just keep create'in my vinyl stuff..
  20. petroman2012

    Contour cutting phototex

    OK..I'll bite...Inkjet, Thermal or? I mean I have 1 new thermal untested on such material..first I heard of it...been in the closet all these yrs..
  21. petroman2012

    Contour cutting phototex

    Dummie me...What is Photo-Tex Please??
  22. petroman2012

    My review of the TITAN 2

    Mine arrived today..sittin at the house ..waiting on daddy to get home///
  23. petroman2012

    Here I go again...

    well having an openmind(on that note the MRI said there's nothing up there) I might have the body of a 60yr old but mind creative mind is still of a 14 yr old..wait a min...make that a 18yr old...I am once again venturing back to take care of my mother and the property(rentals), swore I wouldn't do this again, so with this I am embarking once more on an attempt to be INDEPENDENT and fufill my desire to the first in my family to be known for the creative sense and being a down-right smartass all rolled up in one..Seriously I have had this chance before but with family DRAMA always staring at you everyday how can you dedicate your day to making a dime when drama saps you of all your energy and it destroys any and all efforts one might lay out ...So again with Gods help this time I will become more popular than the Beatles in my effort to rid the florida waste land of dull and boring vinyl and glass etching and to breathe life into a environment that man and dog can share the same cable selector and not feel compiled to pee on the rug....There ...Now..Can I get an AMEN......
  24. petroman2012

    Here I go again...

    Thank you.....My primary interest is the element that what was posted on the ad page" HARD PAPER BOARD and SAND BLAST STENCIL..So I begin as I did originally when I began this journey to teach myself VINYL SICKNESS.....I want to thank Dakota as he has answered a many of question, Jaybird as I know little of him but since my cat growls at his Icon when she see's it makes him ok...MadHatter has always had a kind word....enough sucking up.....I am once again stepping out on a gradiosso attempt to spread the good faith and to ward off anyone who is still hooked on crayolas....So again I start searching for the 2 topic's and find these materials as I forgot to mention I laso have 1 hell of a compressor and am still thinking Glass etching is the true way to heaven by-passing the POPE..... Oh..Heres 2 1-hr ago images of the wifes work area with her embroidery emporium....She really does good work but I keep pressing her to open her mind and let the imagination run forth...
  25. petroman2012

    Here I go again...

    Too late..already done it..Now I wait....wait....wait....wait...old lady wanted me to get it last week but I wanted to at least check my local Walmart or Dollar General for any bargains...Been a long day..goin home...take me a pain killer and sit down and watch some old episodes of Eureka