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  1. I know this topic is old but I'm just getting into the business and this is the first calc. i found that actually worked. Just curious what it was using for price of matierals such as vinyl, is it adding in the cost of transfer tape, also does this inculde a rate for time to make say the yard signs? sorry if these sound dumb, I'm just curious and wnat to make sure i know all i can before i start to quote jobs.
  2. im at a stand still, ive looked and read everywyere. im looking to get a cutter for my friends race cars and possible stsrt a small sign business on the side. I would like to do contour cutting in the future, I know everyone is going to say get a graphtec or a roland but thats out of thr question so im between a laserpoint or a tc, both seem good cutters almost even except the laser on the lp2 input please guys, the contour cutting will be my second priority
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    What cutter?

    So, I've really been interested in the vinyl work for a while as my friend has 3 race cars as well as a landscaping business and he is always buying lettering as well as wraps. I also would like to get into the business as something on the side. I was looking at the tc cutter. I know I cant do to intricate work but how is the stepper motor doing say numbers, or like a web addres thats 2 inches tall and like 3 feet long? Just curious how this cutter is for an entry level home business? Any expierence or even pics of some vinyl done on the machine would be great.