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  1. SCALP help!

    If you merge the two then the white parts outside of the keystone will appear black and the parts inside the keystone will be clear as with the back minus front. Donn
  2. Graphtec CE6000 vs Roland GS-24

    Plus, roland will charge you for a stand for the cutter and Graphtec includes it with theirs. not a big deal but $300 worth.
  3. Fidget spinner template

    Here's one. fidget.svg
  4. I think I would have extended the legs a little farther for more stability, other wise looks very good!
  5. round text anti clockwise ?

    That's the best thing about sign blazer.
  6. Problems cutting a file!

    Every cloud has a silver lining!
  7. Import

    Don't know if this will make sense but, with your graphic in signblazer, go to file and click on export, when the export page comes up, give your file a name at the top left, make sure the file type is eps down at the bottom left, upper right will be the folder that the file will be saved in, you need to have a folder to export it to ( I put one on my c drive named signblazer files) under the folder window in the upper right click the down arrow and pick or locate your signblazer folder, then go down a little farther and deselect the box that says selected, then hit the ok button at the upper right and badda bing badda bang it should be in the signblazer folder waiting to be imported to scalp. I hope this makes some sense, it may not be the best or fastest but it works for me. Donn
  8. HELP

    I would be careful recreating copyrighted logos.
  9. I.D.F.W. Trump Tee

    me too Donn
  10. Import

    I will export out of signblazer in eps format and then open it up in sure cuts a lot. Donn
  11. SCAL won't cut but SignBlazer will. Why?

    The only time that same thing has happened to me is when I hit cut but had the usb disconnected from the computer, I then turned the cutter off, plugged the usb in and then turned the cutter back on and no problems. Donn
  12. SCAL won't cut but SignBlazer will. Why?

    It will work as I have the 4050 Copam and use it with SCALP with no problems, make sure you have the correct drivers loaded. I am also using windows 7. Donn
  13. Hot button of the day

    Here ya go. they all suck.svg
  14. Torn up HTV

    Siser recommends a pre heat as well and go the whole 15 seconds, see what happens. Donn
  15. Text to path on a circle

    This is the biggest reason for signblazer, text on path, easiest there is. Try it. Donn