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  1. Never did hear back from them after I told them about the 30 day hold on funds .
  2. Can-Am

    Transfer paper for darks?

    I have a customer that brought in some transfers she printed on her computer, (avery) I called Avery and they said 375 for 12 sec. Worked ok heavy feel though. You would be much further ahead (and cheaper) to go with JPSS or something similar. You will get a much better product using the commercial transfers. Dave
  3. Can-Am

    Which colors to start with...

    I have been ordering from Specialty for a while now and they have great shipping. Where you buy from also depends on your location, Check out the shipping costs and the shipping times. go from there . Id buy from UScutter but the shipping is a week for me. Specialty is next day.
  4. Can-Am

    Transfers turning dark

    What it is, is the parts of the transfer paper that does not have any dye on it is starting to yellow after several washing and drying. I am using pigment dye. Im trying destructive testing and doing what your not suppose to do, with thewashing and drying, ( normal temp drying and not inside out.) YOu know like our customers will do anyway. JPSS light transfer 375 Deg 30 sec. just wondering if its the washing causing it or something else? Dave
  5. Can-Am

    contour cutting

    Ok im stumped, been a long day. How do we get SB to contour cut and what settings work best Thanks Dave
  6. Another vote for Sanmar. Midwest you must think like me I ordered my 25 catalogs end of DEc. The Sanmar catalogs with pricing are priced at 2x your wholesale cost. Lets you show the customer a catalog price, and do your pricing from that. I offer a discount off the cat. and then ad the design onto it .
  7. Still experimenting with this transfer thing. I have some test transfers on shirts, what is happening is they are starting to come out of the dryer with a light brown hue to them. 1 is it the dryer setting? ( normal setting.. got to figure customer wont read the settings) 2 the type of transfer i'm using? 3 improper transfer application method. 4 all of the above . Transfers are mostly JPSS for lights heat setting for app 375 - 400 *(still testing) 30 sec heavy pressure. A couple ink flex light transfers. Shirt colours white and safety green, 100% cotton. What do most of you prefer for removing the backing paper hot or cold? Thanks Dave
  8. Emailed them that I would only use my shipper and I would put a 30 day hold on the funds . Lets see if they come back ..
  9. Both the buyer and the shipper work from "Gmail" email accounts and the shippers web site is under construction so they say... makes you wonder
  10. Thats what I said to the wife WHY would they order from us surely there are people over there that can make banners, but the kicker is they want the expensive shipper that they suggested even when UPS is $1600.00 cheaper.
  11. Ok not sure if this is legit. Got a request from someone to ship a large quantity of banners to Hungary. They suggested the shipper and its expensive........ Has anyone else had any requests like this.. Dave
  12. What did you find for Letterman jackets???
  13. I have had extremely good experience with Specialty graphics, I send in my orders generally on a Sunday night and have my items at my door Tuesday. Never had a problem with paying but I generaly just use a card. Shipping is always around 10-12.
  14. Can-Am

    Inkjet inks

    For those of you with experience using Inkjet transfers. Do you use the stock inks or do you change to the heat transfer inks? I have an epson 2880 with pigment inks, that I am in the process of setting up. Dave
  15. Can-Am

    port and company for all Port & Company items. You will need a state sales tax lic. # to be able to buy from them. Dave