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    DMDGraphics House Car Timeline 2012-2015

    Thanks, boss! That seems to be a lot of peoples favorites despite it not being an original design. It was the only time we used matte laminate on a wrap and it looked freaking killer.
  2. My wife and I started dating in August of 2012, and by December she and I had laid out the framework for our potential business idea -- race car wraps and decals. We both had come from racing backgrounds, she was a second generation racer, and I had worked in racing media for years as well as skip hopping around helping different tracks with promotion. By February on our low budget we had bought a new cutter from USCutter and a ridiculously unusable used 42" printer. We called it Dead Man's Designs (Later changed to DMDGraphics to appeal to general business clients, we still use Dead Man's Designs for all race car branding though) We have one driver that we do multiple wraps a year for to showcase our styles and work, our family friend Jimmy Lennex, Jr. Jimmy races across multiple sanctions in 4-5 states a year, and travels to several larger PPV and broadcast races a year, a fullfilling achievement in me and wife's life was getting to watch cars we had designed and wrapped race on TV. He and his dad also help operate a tire shop in a little town on the Ohio/Kentucky border, and needless to say they've been the best publicity a business owner could have. These are a few of the wraps we've done with Lil' Jimmy First wrap took us 4 hours to install, it was the first wrap we ever put on with no experience prior. It was also not laminated, rookie mistakes. The red car was the third wrap. My wife and I after install His 4 year old son was a huge Grave Digger fan those days, so we did a Grave Digger theme The blue car was the 5th wrap, and is probably my personal favorite.
  3. WadeLogan

    Anyone know anyone who sells cutter parts?

    Yeah we're just outside Cincy, I had already hit up Craigslist and other places with no luck. We just bought a LaserPoint II after a lot of bouncing back and forth, plus our contour cut jobs aren't ridiculous (we make mostly racing numbers and other large simple stickers), this way we can ideally afford a new motherboard for our old junkie SC when they arrive and still have it around, but we didn't have to break the bank and use any funds we're saving on better equipment. We were pretty much saving up for a laminator so we could FINALLY retire the big squeegee, but we may postpone that for a Graphtec or Roland cutter. (Atleast the motherboard in the big squeegee won't go bad anytime soon) Thanks for all the help.
  4. WadeLogan

    Anyone know anyone who sells cutter parts?

    Yeah I've been looking for an upgrade today during the meltdown, unfortunately my budget doesn't exactly support an upgrade, if I were to get another machine right now it'd have to be a value machine again... My wife and I were planning on moving out of state at the beginning of the month to finally get our graphics business up and going. As for USCutter's website that's where I saw that they were out of stock. I was just curious if maybe someone had a parts machine or knew someone who serviced cutters themselves that would have something short notice. Something to atleast hold us over to a better situations so we can get a better machine, ideally. Thanks for the feedback though. Does anyone have any opinions on the LaserPoint II? If I have to get a new machine I need something between 36" and 50" wide, contour cut ready, better than the SC cutter for $1000 or less. Preferably less, just given the situation.
  5. Unfortunately my SC cutter took a big dump on me today. I can still cut some stuff on regular vinyl (half the time the carriage will start acting erratically and I have to reset or power down), but contour cutting has completely gone out the window. as well as many other issues. (Mostly just the carriage going nuts, dropping the blade, as well as it will start feeding vinyl out like crazy) After spending all day back and forth with USCutters tech support (who are seriously some of the best tech support reps I have ever worked with), we went through driver issues, I have grounded everything exactly as specified by tech support and still nothing. We finally narrowed the issue down to the motherboard... turns out USCutter won't have any in for a month. I've had to close down my online stores (which are my sole income), my desktop cutter isn't anywhere near the size I need for what we do (and it's sitting in another state on top of that) Does anyone sell or know of anyone or any place that sells motherboards for the SC cutter? Thanks in advanced!
  6. Didn't think I would need to have back-to-back topics on this machine but I guess I do. My contour cut capabilities pretty much quit with this machine today and I have no idea why. In FlexiSign if I send something to cut (like regular vinyl) it will cut no issue, but if I try to use contour cut, when I try to align the registration marks the carriage just jumps around and doesn't respond at all. Any suggestions? Thanks
  7. I don't think the tracking is off, it's just that if I don't get my registration marks spot on, it's a lot more noticeable after 4 foot of vinyl has went through. I tried the sharpie today and that was actually pretty helpful... When I first encountered the issue I scrambled looking for my pen holder that came with the machine, but we somehow lost it when my wife and I moved out of state. I think I may just pick up another one sometime, Thanks
  8. I've had my SC cutter for a couple years and it's done great... I purchased a Mutoh printer a few months back and have been doing a lot of print and contour cut jobs with it. However, when I send printed jobs to the cutter I currently have to align the center of my blade to the registration marks during alignment. My question is, is there a way in Flexi Pro that I can calibrate or offset the distance from my laser on the SC Cutter to the registration marks? I'd really prefer to use my laser to align cut jobs... About 25% of my larger cut jobs are wasted since it's much harder for me to align the registration marks with the blade. Thanks, Wade DMDGraphics
  9. WadeLogan

    SC Series, Wrong Carriage?

    Thanks a bunch fellas, had to take a lot more apart than predicted but the spring mounted roller was the issue. After about an hour of work or so she cut perfectly on the first try. Appreciate your guys help and getting me back to work.
  10. WadeLogan

    SC Series, Wrong Carriage?

    Although i'm certain we checked this, we spent many hours trying to work and may overlooked the top roller, what is the best way to check it? I will be heading to my shop within the next hour to start back grinding on it and figuring it out.
  11. WadeLogan

    SC Series, Wrong Carriage?

    Thanks, yes the wheels fit in the track, the moment the carriage comes in contact with a pinch roller or you place the blade holder correctly into the arm it pushes itself out, automatically. I would like to add that the wheels pop out of the track with extreme ease.
  12. I received my SC Series 53" cutter today and was very excited about the reviews and videos I had seen for the product. However upon piecing it together everything about the carriage is wrong. 1. Turning on the machine slammed the carriage into the right side, upon review my girlfriend pointed out the arm couldn't reach the stop switch to prevent it. Temporarily we placed a key ring on the arm to extend it enough to reach the switch. 2. The blade was placed perfectly as demonstrated into the bladeholder, however the blade never touches the vinyl, it hovers about a centimenter over it. --Edit -- (That is with the blade holder ring placed on top of the arm instead of inside of it. If placed inside where it belongs it's smashed into the vinyl and pushes the carriage off the track before it even moves. ) 3. The pinch rollers, though placed exactly where mentioned in the brief instruction kit always get slammed by the carriage throwing it off the track and potentially ruining my project (even though the vinyl doesn't even get touched) It's all lead me to believe the 53" SC Series cutter I received has the wrong carriage perhaps? Or am I just really missing something with this particular product? It was just my luck having this happen on a Friday night when I can't call until Monday morning. Any suggestions? Thanks, Wade
  13. WadeLogan

    Little Jimmy's Wraps

    Various Wraps for Jimmy Lennex