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    Redsail cutter. Corel. Drivers. Printer

    Thank you for the links Doug and mark-s. I have tried til frustrated to establish this connection with cutter without the given software and not had any luck. If someone has another thought it would be welcomed.
  2. I have a redsail cutter. I lost the software key that came with the cutter and software in a move. I would like to use coreldraw directly to cutter. I have tried to no avail to install as a printer but have been told this is what needs to happen in order to go directly from corel to cutter. As an added wrench the disk with the drivers provided with the software is all in chinese. This was no big deal when I installed with original winpcsign software but now is. If anyone knows how I can install as a printer and/ or some other way to go from corel to cutter I would appreciate all the help you can offer.