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  1. signyouup

    Pinch Rollers on MH 721 not moving easily

    Did you raise the rollers first?
  2. signyouup

    MH 871-MK2

    Cutting thin features too fast can also cause that. If you still have issues after adjusting the blade, lower the pressure and speed.
  3. signyouup

    TIKI Mask

    That's cool Mark!
  4. Some software has what's called a "weed box"that makes a box a set distance larger than whats being cut.
  5. Try slowing down and backing off the pressure.
  6. signyouup

    Cell phone stand made with the CNC

    They really really suck!!! I'm just jealous.
  7. Does it tend to do it in a certain direction?
  8. signyouup

    871 feeding weird

    Are you setting the origin for each job?
  9. Check Baud Rate settings on cutter and make sure everything matches on the computer.
  10. signyouup

    Sample display boards?

    White about a whiteboard? Nice smooth surface and and has a frame.
  11. signyouup

    Newb questions about my new SC2

    Cut a little off the pen.
  12. The weld thing is usually done in the design software. Depending on the program, you may have to convert the text to curves before welding.
  13. signyouup


    Have you run a test cut from the control panel. That will let you know if it's hardware or software.
  14. I had problems scrolling once and opened up the mouse and found a fuzzball stuck on the sensor.
  15. You could add triangles centered at the top and bottom of the design and cut them out when you're ready to press.