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  1. Blade Pressure Will Not Change. Please Help!!

    You are changing it on the machine?
  2. New high tech thievery. Watch this!
  3. Inexpensive Printer for Vinyl

    Print on regular paper and use a pen in the cutter to confirm things.
  4. Convert the PDF to EPS. I think the text will come out as vector.
  5. He's talking about Coroplast.
  6. Trial version

    SignCut has a trial version.
  7. Clear transfer tape only picking up black and white

    Vinyl thickness can vary. The colors could be running thicker so you are not cutting into the backing.
  8. Save your working copy and convert all text to paths then save a copy under a different name for VM.
  9. Graphtec ce2000-60 Windows 7 driver available
  10. Graphtec Question

    In Inkscape it's easy. Set the stroke width you want.(outline) With object selected, from the path menu select "convert Stroke to path". Done.
  11. Can you sub on canvas

    Google inkjet and canvas.
  12. looking for laser etcher on here for glass

    Go-C Graphics does glasses I believe.
  13. Help with graphic to be digitized

    If the "Alex #49" is still text, you can just edit it.
  14. Can you sub on canvas

    Her is some info on Conde's website.