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  1. graphikta

    looking for a Floor Hammer vector

    thanks! however, this is going to be a big sticker for the side of a work van, so i was hoping to get a clean actual version, not the live trace one. so if anyone has the clean vector, i'd love that. if not, i'll just trace it myself in the next few days. thanks again though!!!
  2. hey guys, i need to find this in vector form... if need be i can trace it, but i'd rather just find the original if i can. thanks in advance!
  3. graphikta

    need a font: Penumbra

    thank you, but they are different. this is tough!
  4. graphikta

    need a font: Penumbra

    hey, i need two fonts from the Adobe Penumbra family. i am doing a sticker for some dude and his logo uses them. i don't want to spend $30 each for the fonts to make this sticker, so if any of you have it, i'd REALLY appreciate if you could send it my way... or even type out the text i need and send me an illustrator file with the text as outlines? i dunno the fonts are: PENUMBRA SERIF BOLD & PENUMBRA FLARE SEMI-BOLD thanks in advance!
  5. i guess i need some industry standard advice here... i did my first 2 banners the other night and i noticed a lot of little air bubbles, no matter what way i tried applying the vinyl. the way i found best worked was to actually use my fingertips instead of a squeegee. that worked ok for the most part, but still wasn't perfect. now, my finger tips are slightly burned and i still have the problem of the air bubbles. is there a special way to apply vinyl to banners, a special tool or something? i just don't have enough experience to know what i am doing wrong yet - so i thought i'd ask some pros. i have a lot of "industry standard" questions, but i guess i'll limit this post to the one. any help would be great, i think i have more banner work coming my way. thanks!
  6. graphikta

    best vinyl for car roof application?

    i have a client that wants the entire roof on his red car covered in black vinyl. (he doesn't want to paint it). so i am wondering what vinyl would be best to use for that? the UV has to beat on it alllll the time being on the roof, so is there a certain vinyl that will hold up? thanks in advance. charles
  7. Hello,I just got a job and i need to give a quote - but i am so new to this, i have no idea what to charge. - a 2'x10' banner, 2 color, 2 lines of text, maybe a simple car logo on the side. - a metal sidewalk sign, 2 color, 2 sided, with half of each side magnetic interchangeable signs. - one more metal sidewalk sign, 1 sided, 2 color, same magnetic part. i have a friend who can build me the metal sidewalk a-frames, but i have no idea what to charge the customer for everything. any help? thanks. Charles
  8. graphikta

    setting vinyl width?

    so is there another way to set it other than the machine's automated way?
  9. graphikta

    setting vinyl width?

    if i place the wheels of the rollers about 1/4 inch from each edge, it still only cuts about 21" out of a 24" roll. on a 15" roll i can only get 12" out of it. and a 12" roll i can only get 9". any other suggestions
  10. i know the machine does it for you, but it also doesn't use about the last 3 or 4 inches of the edge. is there a way to set it yourself so you can use the full width of the vinyl? the 2 page instruction sheet it came with isn't that helpful. sorry for such a basic question, but thanks for the help
  11. graphikta

    Graphtec CE5000-60

    how exactly did you do that? i want to double check mine, but don't know enough about the machine to start pulling pieces off.
  12. graphikta

    fine tuning ce5000-60

    windows vista 32bit, usb, illustrator with cutting master 2 plug in... not sure what you mean by sample cut file, but i can email you a file and my results if you give me your address thanks
  13. Hello, I just got a new CE5000-60. while i have it running well, i would like to run it like the people that glow about the machine. just looking for some fine tuning tips on how to get nice straight lines, tight corners, no overlap where the object closes... stuff like that. there is a lot to learn on the machine and i have only had it for one day, but good info on the machine is hard to come by. so if any of you can help, thanks in advance
  14. graphikta

    EstiMate opinions?

    i called around for quotes on the first job i did. but i mean, can you really do that for every single job you are getting? chances are some of those business have been asked for a quote by your potential client as well. wouldn't they catch on and get pissed? i don't see how that can work all the time. i see what you're saying and i appreciate the response, i am just wondering how that will work long term? thanks charles
  15. hello, i was looking into getting the EstiMate software and was wondering if many of you use it and if so, what are your opinions on it? does it quote pretty accurate, do you use it a lot, adjust your price up or down from it? i am new to vinyl signs as a business, so i want to charge fair prices. i was looking at the Quick Quoter version (the $199 one). i am VERY organized and can keep my records and quotes straight, so i dont think i need the more expensive versions with the archiving features. any other input?? thanks a lot