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  1. I'm looking for a Black ops image that i can cut out for my buddies that i play with.
  2. my uncle who was a truck driver recently passed and iam wanting to make a r.i.p decal for our family any help would be awesome thank you
  3. thank you for sharing it means alot to me
  4. im looking for a princess crown for my nieces wall. i have been looking on the web for them but none i care to use. any help would be awesome it will be for her 2nd birthday present and she loves princesses.
  5. jessehop

    Another Chain Frame

    cool i like.. thanks for the file bud
  6. jessehop

    Start Seeing Motorcycles

    From the album: Start Seeing Motorcycles

    Ok Pcrat as requested i made a new START SEEING MOTORCYCLES Sticker lol.. what you think
  7. jessehop

    Start Seeing Motorcycles

  8. jessehop

    Horse Decal, Show Jumper

    looks good thanks man
  9. jessehop

    IMG 20130512 183453 450

    From the album: Pilot Cars that i have done

    finally got the lettering done on the rear window..dang weather been crappy here
  10. jessehop

    IMG 20130512 183453 450

    yeah im goin to make my self a new one tonight.. it needs to be updated
  11. jessehop

    Multi-layered Vinyl Help

    when i did my lettering yesterday glenn i had the same problem with the clear tape.. iam going back to the paper tape once i have a order to get n\more supplies.. my factors for yesterday for the long process of removing the tape was it was not drying but then it was a little to cool out too maybe not warm enough. but im still wanting to go back to paper tape
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    Feeling Minnesota...

    hello from just south of Saint Paul MN
  13. jessehop

    I own'em and plan to keep"em

    i like it...
  14. jessehop

    Anyone have these devil girls?

  15. jessehop

    ateam logo proof

    From the album: Pilot Cars that i have done

    A-Team Recovery & pilot logo that i did for them.
  16. jessehop

    459163 446221175470817 2010151385 O

    From the album: Pilot Cars that i have done

    This is my main pilot car vehicle.
  17. jessehop

    Do not post copyrighted material

    Hey USMC... Thanks for your service...
  18. My friend/customer want me to find the same font as in the picture. i have spent hours going thru the fonts i have with out finding it. Maybe one of you will have better luck know what font it is. the font they are looking for will be going on to a police car. Thank You
  19. jessehop

    free clip art

    cool thanks for sharing the link.
  20. jessehop

    Best vectorizing software

    whats the website you found?
  21. One thing to check is does the city or county want you to pull a permit for putting up a sign.. the cities around me require permits for permanent signs.. fyi..
  22. jessehop

    Best vectorizing software

    At this point im doing the monthly deal until i have a few more orders in then im buying the desktop version
  23. jessehop

    multiple signs

    ask them if you give them a good deal if they will allow you to have a sign too.