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  1. buddy

    advice needed please

    Look into your "effects" Gallery and there you will see Neon Glow atribute and then the rest would be beveled edges and such. Play around with Glowing edges in "effect>Stylize. Cut and pastet hat image onto your canvas and then practice getting that effect. It's nice
  2. buddy

    Dodge wrap

    Good to know Tattoo-Dan-the-Man See, I am learning sompin' new everyday
  3. buddy

    Dodge wrap

    Neron that looks AMAZING...why may I ask would he request 70/30 and if not intended for vehicles then what? Boats? Did you do the design? I LOVE IT!
  4. Hey Susie Oh...ok, I know what a blog is I thought you meant something else! hee-hee Yes I live about 30 minutes away from USCUTTER, I HATE IT...every time I go there I end up spending $$$$ :'( But whats nice is that I get to see the new stuff roll out not to mention I get to see how it works...if I sweet talk them that is! The guys there are all really sweet, and the gals are nice as well Levi is my Favorite!
  5. buddy

    Dodge wrap

    Neron, Max used this incrediable technique. He cut the backing down the middle (carefully) while still attached to the perf...this releases the tension and started as you say on the left side (why is that important?) He had no problems and no bubbles! INCREDIABLE I TELL YOU!!! And what do you mean....doesn't matter what squeegee you are using if laminated....did you read my post :-....THREE TIMES I SCREWED UP because of creases and folds and...and...and :thumbsup: All's I can say is practice makes perfect! Another factor....GREENSTAR LAMINATE....HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! Stay away from it!!! Very thick and only works with FLAT SURFACES! There, my 2 cents!
  6. Susie Q I don't have a blog...what is that? BJ is correct...two seperate groups of people, you talked to tech support (Levi is like a little brother to me...LOVE HIM)...not to sure about the shipping dept., there are a whole bunch of new guys in there but they seem to be doing fairly well. Every time I go in there and "BUG THEM" they have piles and piles of stuff shipping! I wish they would screw up and ship ME something I didn't order! lol :thumbsup:
  7. buddy

    First Double sided Banner I made

    Neron- The first time I did one it came out perfect except for a HUMAN ERROR....On Versaworks you are suppose to "get media width" and I didn't do so on the second side so came out 2" shorter than the first side :'( To align them I simply put tape on the tops and sides of the baner edge (corners only) at STARTING LINE...printed one side...cut...flipped it over and then aligned second side to those edges of tape...worked like a charm! I got the idea from someone on here who posted that a while ago! Hopefully I dont have to do many of them though cause it was scary....I HATE wasting material!!! :'( :'( :'( FYI Neron....2 cents are better than no cents
  8. buddy

    First Double sided Banner I made

    SMART Tattoo...but I would think that would be too thick not to mention your using more material that way! The double sided print is awsome, just need the right material for it! Aw, the trails and errors of our PRINTY WAYS!
  9. buddy

    Dodge wrap

    Tattoo.dan - I was VERY nervous on my first install as well, must be why I screwed up 3 times and then the fourth time I went to Max at USCUTTER who is an EXPERT at it and he showed me how to do it...HE---made it look super easy! I think between it being really cold, using the wrong Laminate (too thick) and it being a Dodge with DEEP curvature on the bottom of the window...and well, NEVER DOING IT BEFORE I had the odds stacked against me. Max pulled me through though andf I think next time will be much easier! THe trick is to use that soft felt squeegee first and then the rubber one to stake it down! Dazzel
  10. buddy

    Dodge wrap

  11. buddy

    Entire image not importing

    Barry I am not familiar with InkScape but if you have Illustrator then I can help you with tracing the images. I am sure other people on this forum know Inkscape as I have seem then chat about it quite often so hang in there, help is coming!!! Dazzel
  12. buddy

    26ft Banner in a day and still waiting materials (9.39am)

    Good to know Dakota I have this greenStar SHTUFF that I hate, but it was all I could afford at the time and it works great on flat surfaces, but you try and apply it to anything with curves...good luck! I apply my lam with my BIG SQUEEGE! love it!
  13. buddy

    A couple 3-color decals

    Mui Bonito
  14. buddy

    26ft Banner in a day and still waiting materials (9.39am)

    Dakota...how does that liquid Lam work? WHat does it look like when you spray it on? Is it tacky when youre done and it dries? Thanks Dazzel
  15. buddy

    New MX/Quad Graphics

    MADER...MADER...MADER....those are crazy awsome!!!! I am bowing down to you I have the convex...I have the thick laminate...I DEFINATELY have the clientel...I just need tamplates!!! I live in WA and between 6 of us neighbors we own over 40 acres of RACE TRACK. Last year I was asked if I could do kits for the bikes and I thought I could with just my good ol' MH871... ...now that I have a ROLAND I think I can do them but have NO CLUE as to Profiles, measurements (Im a girl, what the heck do I know about the differences between a CRX and a yamaha 250 are). I have a Honda 50 for my we little ones, a 250 Yamaha for the man cakes (that I mostly ride) and the hubby is ACHING for me to put some graphics on his ride. Where do I EVEN begin....knowbody likes to give away their reciepe of templates for this stuff and rightfully so, it's giving money away, but can you guide me as to where to start? The riders around here are willing to pay $$$ for this stuff and with me being right next door it gives them TOTAL access to what they LOVE My honey wants to know of you sell your templates? if so...how much are you asking? BTW...you live in OH...I live in Seattle, I promise I won't come over there and steal any of your business! Thansk in advance.......BTW...still bowing down to you-------you inspire me! DAZZEL Also, I see you are using a WACOM....do you mainly use that for freestyle drawing on your computer and to do these kinds of graphics and such? I had a WACOM for my Mac back in the day when MACS were the BOMB....but now I am a PC Gal and am thinking of buying another one, is wacom still the leader for these drawing tablets in your opinion?