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  1. azdecals

    Stickers in a #10 envelope, receipt?

    There's the rub with ebay's new policy. You cannot ship a first class envelope from Paypal, and you cannot get delivery confirmation at all on frist class envelope. So you have to ship first class thick envelope/package. I think it's $1.64, BUT it actually has to be a thick envelope/package. If you try to ship a #10 envelope, even paying the higher rate the post office will not deliver it. So you have to "stuff" the envelope with something to make it thick enough to "qualify" for the higher rate, and "free" delivery confirmation. I see why the post office is losing money. They won't deliver an envelope that you put TOO much postage on?!?! azdecals
  2. azdecals

    Bubble free installation?

    Sounds like you've figured most of your issue out. One other thing I'll point out (that Banner John told me a few years ago). Make sure whatever surface you are laying your banner on, while applying the vinyl, is rigid. I was using my pool table with terrible results, then I started using a piece of plywood under the banner and that really helped a lot. azdecals
  3. azdecals

    Stickers in a #10 envelope, receipt?

    This is pretty much how I do it. And yes, when I get a "My decal hasn't show up yet" I just ship another one. I get one "lost" about 4 times a year (maybe less). Out of those 4, 90% never let me know if the orginal showed up eventually (and I don't ever get them back) Still not sure what I'm going to do with ebay's new tracking requirment, but I'll probably go back to the thick envelope shipping out of paypal with DC. Which BTW, I always shipped out a second one even with DC when I was shipping that way before so I didn't really see the need in charging buyers more. Now it makes sense because of the TRS issue. azdecals
  4. azdecals

    Football Helmet Decals?

    Same here. It was for a Jr. Pee Wee team. Worked well and didn't have to replace any (for one season). azdecals
  5. Skeeter, are you buying the cardboard or are you cutting them yourself? If you are buying them can you point me to where you are getting them? I was looking for cardboard inserts when I found the boxes I mentioned earlier. azdecals
  6. azdecals

    My first payed gig.

    I know I probably need to replace the blade, but I haven't replace my blade since i got my cutter in '09. I average about 50 decals a month, with some months being 300 decals. I've done shirts, banners, and signs, but no more than maybe 50 of each. I did do 8 24"x36" signs with reflective vinyl a few months ago also. I do increase the pressure every once and a while, but I'm not cutting thru the backing and if I weed the designs right away, and use new vinyl, I don't have any problems with weeding. If I wait a day, it turns into a complete PITA though. azdecals
  7. I've read about ppl doing the peanut in the envelope thing. I was concerned it might cause a problem with the decal? Have you ever had any issues with that? Now that you mention the format of address label, when I started I was using plain paper, which when taped to the 9x6 envelope would have the address on the "short" side. I changed to long thin labes that are oriented to the long side and thats probably when i started having problems with them getting returned. My volume is so low the 20% discount I could care less about, but the TSR and the search preference is what I'm having a hard time giving up. Within certain catigories you can have drop down menus for colors (and sizes). I haven't gotten around t redoing my listings to use this option. I think it might be handy since i "think" most folks find my listings via search instead of category. I've found some 9x6x1 1/4" boxes on line for 20 cents each. I might do that instead of the peanut thing and see how sales go with the higher price. Luckly the've lowered the sales volume requirements (for now) that might off set the loss in sales due to price. azdecals
  8. I have a question for all you ebay sellers. When I first started selling on ebay I was using paypal to ship my 9"x6" envelopes. It worked pretty well for a year or so, then i started getting more and more returned because they didn't meet the "large/thick" envelope requirement. I was being charged ~1.44 at the time with "free" delivery confirmation. Any that got lost I just resent new ones. It was (and still is) my understanding that even with DC ebay will side with the buyer and refund thier money if there is a dispute. I should also point out that I was charging 1.99 shipping for a 3.99 decal. (and getting dinged for high shipping on my DSR) At some point I decided to get a account and start printing regular postage $.45 stamp, and I lowered my shipping fee to .99 for one decal, or free for two or more. Sales have been steady and increased some over the last year or so. So here is my problem. With ebay's new "requirement" to have tracking/DC info on 90% of shipments, what are you guys doing to conform to the new policy? I realize I can TRY to increase my price to cover the shipping (as ebay suggests), but that still leaves me with the issue of my mailing envelopes not being big enough to meet the large/thick envelop/package requirment. Are you guys just going to tell ebay to pack sand and not worry about the tracking/DC (and lose your TSR) or have you come up with a way around this requirement, or figured out how to ship a 5x5 decal in an acceptable envelope/package? azdecals
  9. azdecals

    need a little advice

    I'd eat the difference. As others have said chaulk it up to OJT. If you feel like you just HAVE to charge the guy, then it'd be best to call him as soon as possible and let him know what is going on. Don't wait unitl you've got so much time tied up into the sign that now it's double what it was going to be. If you do a good job for this guy, he'll likely tell 2 or 3 people. If you try to charge him more than the tought it was going to be, then hold his sign hostage until he pays, He's going to tell 30 people what a crappy job you did. azdecals
  10. azdecals

    Ok to heat press an Under Armor Shirt?

    I did a bunch of 88% poly and 12% spandex shirts for a volleyball team.. I used siser easyweed and the usual temp. They came out ok with no problems. Most of my wicking running shirts are 100% poly not sure what the under armor shirt are. azdecals
  11. I bought the small epson. As Banner John said.. that sucker is noisy. I also bought the recommended printable vinyl for the durabrite inks, as well as static clings and tatoos. I haven't tried any of them yet. As soon as I do I'll post the results also. azdecals.
  12. FYI... For those looking for the workfore 1100 epson has them onsale at thier website for $149 again. Free shipping. Sale ends 12/5. I just picked up the refurbed WF30 to try this out. It was 39 bucks from epson with free shipping. azdecals
  13. azdecals

    Please Identify this font

    not sure, but trying to find fonts is probably my LEAST favorite thing to do. I'm not sure if I found it here, but someone posted a link to a cool site that helps identify fonts. It's helpful, but it stears you toward the pay sites for the fonts it identifies (ive noticed) azdecals ETA: Derrr... i just realized that site was hosted at myfonts dot com. No wonder it alwasy wants you to buy them. :-)
  14. azdecals

    6mm rigid PVC?

    How do you cut this stuff? Can you just usa a regular utility knife? THanks for the recommendation I called N Glantz this morning and they do have it in stock here in town. I'm working on setting up the account now. azdecals
  15. azdecals

    6mm rigid PVC?

    Cool! There is a branch office in phx and I requested a logon to thier website just before I posted this. Hopefully they'll have it in town here. Thanks for the info! azdecals