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  1. designed

    never mind on this

    nver mind on this
  2. designed

    Inkscape to Signcut X2

    Gee, I would be glad to help you but I only use SC and Corel. I cannot guide you to using ink scape but many here do I am sure hopefully someone will chime in for you.
  3. Sounds like you need to have a talk with the one who sold you this. Purchase another license well worth it buy the dongle version not expiration. Sounds fair enough you cannot get a more user friendly program with a learning curve that does a bunch of things you don't even need and not to mention you will pay double for it.
  4. designed

    Is there any...

    I have used Sign Cut for a bit over two yrs now everyday about and I don't believe you will get a better more user friendly program. I can assure you there is nothing wrong with signcut it is your computer or something else. In the past if I had a problem I learned it best for me to uninstall it in the control panel restart the machine and reinstall and presto always for me. It is not Signcut if you find something else it has a high learning curve and more problems than signcut I have been there and done that. Try what I am saying here if you have a problem put a ticket in at their website and they will help you. Be patient.
  5. designed

    sign cut license transfer help

    Go to and use the live help or you can log into your account or send them a help request all at signcut. They are the ones to help you with your request.
  6. designed

    SignCut Software Question

    Email another support ticket to them with out anger it helps Also download another trial version just using a different email address (you can do this) and keep downloading trial versions until you hear from them at signcut. I never have problems not sure why you are. Everything second day just politly tell them again you need their help surely they will answer you. You can also catch them online sometimes during the day to get live support have you done that? Do they have your updated email that is on your account because that is where they will send response too. Is it going into your spam folder?
  7. designed

    SCPro Help

    to closing the programs and opening again and shutting off the cutter and turn it back on. Or try to uninstall the programs reboot and reload and go from there I have done that in the past and it has fixed problems.
  8. designed

    SignCut Software Question

    The pro stands for productivity.ALSO I CAN ASSURE YOU THAT YOU ARE NOT IGNORED NOR DID YOU WASTE YOUR MONEY. I am also a dongle owner and have emailed them in the past several times. my question has slipped by them in the past also don't know why maybe something I did usually like it went into my junk folder. Go to the website and log in and do an email to them again no need to let it go 15days and get mad. I can assure you they will help you be patient with them they get a lot of emails sometimes. Be sure to give them your old license number and the new ones also like your user name password new lic. number and dongle activation code. They will be sure it is working and get you going for sure! The reason they are there is to help you.
  9. designed

    Issue launching Signcut Productivity Pro

    I use corel and signcut for years and like them both all to much. contact signcut they will help you. x2
  10. designed

    Sign Cut X2 freezing up

    I would try to uninstall it reboot and reinstall it.
  11. designed

    "Arching" text

    You will need to buy Corel or adobe or use inkscape for free design and send to signcut. I use corel and signcut
  12. designed

    It's not signcut

    I use to have problems with signcut cutting crazy long lines in my vinyl wasting it when doing big cuts it has not done it to me at all lately like the paste year I have not experienced it. I talked with Kimon about this he says it seems to happen mostly with china made cutters he thinks it is in the memory or grounding not real sure. Says he has not seen it on good cutters like graphtecs and rolands.
  13. designed

    updating license...

  14. designed

    Best Heat Press

    24" Sunie
  15. designed

    heat press

    I use siser easy weed and press the front peal the paper off turn it around and press the back right away and never had any sort of issue it works great