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  1. HySpeed

    We all love Walmart

    Thats funny. The dixie cups on the bottom of page 17 i see almost every day.
  2. HySpeed

    john wayne

    Thats great, Thanks
  3. HySpeed

    need I say more

    I 2nd that. myvinylvisions, that looks great.
  4. HySpeed

    can anyone get me the geese off of this picture?

    You are gooooood. I tried and couldn't get it. When I got close my computer said "FATAL ERROR THIS PROGRAM MUST SHUT DOWN" ................whatever. What program did you do that in? I was starting in Corel Paint then going to Flexi. I took mr300s file in signblazer. Got rid of what I didnt want then tweeked the rest.
  5. HySpeed

    can anyone get me the geese off of this picture?

    Hope this works for ya geese .EPS geese .EPS
  6. HySpeed

    can anyone get me the geese off of this picture?

    Hows this. Or was it just thed geese you wanted?
  7. HySpeed

    The Gratitude Campaign

    I just retired from the military and I always appreciated it when someone said thank you. I have had people pay for my meals at a restaurant without me even knowing until I was ready to leave.
  8. Does anyone know the specs on the memory? Can it be purchased locally? What is the largest memory these cutters will take?
  9. HySpeed


    I just imported it without a problem. Here it is in .sbd format. hope it helps. flipflop01.SBD flipflop01.SBD
  10. HySpeed


    Me too, thanks
  11. HySpeed

    RIP Michael Jackson?

    It will definitely boost his sales.
  12. HySpeed

    RIP Michael Jackson?

    Bad news come in 3s. First it was Farrah Fawcett, now Micheal Jackson. Who is next?
  13. HySpeed

    Special Forces Logo

    There are several unofficial logos for the SF. Here are 2 official ones. Dont know if this is what you are looking for or not.
  14. I always thought entrapment itself was illegal. She came to you with the intent on screwing you over.
  15. HySpeed

    Have you ever seen this?

    If you go to node edit and move some of the nodes at the same point as the lines, you can see the lines are there. The image needs cleaned up.