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  1. Carmigirl


    I have been doing a little research on this plotter. I’m looking for a backup. Use to using graphtecs but my question is is this a plotter more for hobbyists?
  2. On the site you can go under support, choose cutters, go to legacy. Under the fc7000mk2 series you will find a free download of Graphtec studio. I have it but have never used it. Worth checking out
  3. Carmigirl

    Vinyl application HELP

    Would be best to use air release vinyl
  4. Carmigirl

    Fc7000 main board

    Or a vinyl express q75 main board
  5. Looking for a working main board for the Graphtec FC 7000 series. Thanks!
  6. Carmigirl

    CE6000-60 pausing during cut

    Sounds like it might be buffering the info slow. How far is the cutter sitting from the computer?
  7. Question.. are fc7000 series mainboards interchangeable with each other in that series? Such as placing one from a 100 into a 75 (30 inch)? I know anytime you change a main board out there is calibration involved.
  8. I have a Graphtec FC 7000-75 plotter that as of right now certain functions ( buttons) are not working on the keypad and until I find the part I'm trying to use the plotter controller to contour cut from a gerber edge print. How do I go about this with the registration option in the plotter controller as in getting the plotter to recognize the marks. I notice that when the program is launched from the program's menu that it does not say cut...just close. I read about using the driver to launch. Do I need to find this driver??? I would assume it is in the program. Help! Thanks so much in advance!
  9. Hello! I a post from last year I noticed that you had your edge connected to your laptop. The only way I knew how was to order the USB cable from gerber made exactly for that application. Well it did not work because I wasn't using omega softwRe but flexi 7.5. Was curious how you set yours up...thank you!

    1. Carmigirl


      I also have the graphtec fc 7000 30 inch

    2. Carmigirl


      Also you mentioned would I do this on flexi? Sorry for all the questions!

  10. Carmigirl

    Keyspan question

    It's running! Graphtec serial cable, key span and reverse 2 dip switches and all is well!
  11. Carmigirl

    Keyspan question

    ^^^ thank you, working on this Saturday!
  12. Carmigirl

    Keyspan question

    I'm going to try to set up a old graphtec plotter to my laptop. The plotter has parallel connections and a rs232 port. Was wondering if by using the key span and the rs232 will I have to switch dip settings or will it just run as it did when it was connected thru the plotters parallel. I'm sorry, I'm just not very computer savvy. Btw, it's a Tripp lite brand Keyspan
  13. I'm not great at pricing large quantity decal jobs. I wanted to print white on clear but customer wants white vinyl. Simple simple weeding plus transfer paper. Anyone care to tell me what they would charge? I'll have about 230 dollars in material. Thank you!
  14. Carmigirl

    Flexi pro 7 manual contour cut

    Turned on my rarely used 30 in graphtec 7000-75 and think it blew the main board. It has arms for contour cutting. In meantime I was looking to manual contour cut in flexisign pro. Did all the steps properly, chose the plotter to be used and nothing happens. It gives me a error...not recognized. Now this is a very old plotter ( absolute work horse ) graphtec. Are the arrows that pop up suppose to move my blade to the registration marks ? Any help would be much appreciated!
  15. When using water and a couple drops of liquid soap make sure the liquid spreads across evenly. Sometimes when there is not enough soap mixed in you get dry spots which traps the liquid. Squirt just plain water on back of your vinyl and watch it seperate...thats what traps the water