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  1. Image clip transfer and fabric spray paint

    Goose I thought about it more and on the white tshirts I could press the image clip transfer down and lightly spray around it the darker shirts I could bleach maybe where the image will go or still try the white fabric paint on the dark shirt and hope the best lol
  2. I have been messing around with this idea for awhile in my head and finally came to the conclusion to ask the experts. I want to use fabric paint on a white or other color tshirt and then add an image using image clip or any other decent laser tshirt transfer on top of that. Would you think this might work or have issues with the glue bonding with the paint and fabric itself?
  3. something lurking in the future

    Scott nice Rig let me know what you think of Ryzen however you need a bigger graphics card, its only been 3 years huh I'm still on my system that was buil 5 years ago. It still has plenty of power for what I use it for. And for gaming I pretty much use my PS4, Xbox One S, or Wii U, along with past generations of consoles.
  4. Did anyone miss me??

    Thank all for the warm welcome back.
  5. Did anyone miss me??

    You have been? Well we do sometimes talk on the FB lol
  6. Did anyone miss me??

    Wildgoose who are ya calling old lol
  7. Did anyone miss me??

    Primal I just got an Xbox one s the weekend of E3 basically been PS4, Wii U, and did a twitch stream on the Xbox one gears of 4.
  8. Did anyone miss me??

    Well just curious if anyone missed me seems no one did lol that's ok been busy with business, a 94 yr old grandmother, my father and small 3D printing along with my online streaming of video gaming. Other than that same as usual.

    He was one of the greats enjoyed talking to him on here and the help he gave. Always a positive attitude. Like the others said we all miss him.
  10. Getting back into the game

    You dont want to buy a Graphtec. No seriously you do but you dont want to lol
  11. For you copyright gurus

    to be honest I see the copyright image I think of knights and swords Harley is just a money hungry bunch of jerks as usual. And I live not that far from them.
  12. MH cutter windows 10 again

    Ok so this isnt for me but for the person I sold it to. He hooked the MH 871-MKZ up loaded the drivers and running it on a windows 10 machine. The cutter shows up under USB 001 and shows under other devices as USCutter Series. He is using Signblazer elements and when he sends it to the cutter it does nothing. Now I figure if it shows up it should be ok there is just a driver issue maybe? I told him to maybe try the demo of VinylMaster see if it works then. Also due to the move 2 years ago I cant find the serial cable could that be the issue the usb chip doesn't want to play nice?
  13. Enmart

    Nice I may have to pick some up.
  14. By some of the peoples comments on here yup.
  15. Enmart

    Well let us know when you get the chance and show them like to see them.