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    LaserPoint 2 Blade Doesn't Lift when cutting

    if you over tighten your blade holder it can sometimes catch on the plastic housing and cause it to stop moving upwards.
  2. I think there is an updated version of the plugin somewhere but in the end I gave up on it as I am not convinced its the best way to go. I use sure cuts a lot instead for cutting, I just create my svg files in inkscape or illustrator (or corel) and just use SCAL for cutting. Its worth the few dollars it costs and does all the overcuts and corner adjustments as well.
  3. Hello I am trying to get blade offset and overcut working in the corel plugin for pcut cutters Ive tried exactly the same artwork and settings in 'sure cuts a lot", using exaggerated settings and everything works fine, showing the overcut is working. When I use the corel plugin with either standard or the same exaggerated setting for overcut or blade outset, nothing changes. The settings are having no effect no matter which value I put in. So i know its a software issue rather than a hardware issue. Is anyone using this plugin succesfully?