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    Thanks! I just ordered one!
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    Hi there, I just bought a MH721-MK2 from a friend of mine, but this isn't my first time cutting. I used to cut in school a lot on a very nice vinyl express cutter. BUT now i've got mine, and im very excited to start cutting again! only one issue, im having problems setting it up on my Mac OS X 10.6.8. I am planning on using signcut, but thats not the problem. im having issues of getting the program that reads my cutter. My friend i bought it from used it on his PC, so i cant use the program he has. I have search here for it: but being as mine is an MK2, none of those programs seemed to work :/ EDIT: i guess i need a keyspan adapter?
  3. im having the same problem, trying to setup my mh721 mk2 on my mac! i have os x 10.6.8