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  1. Yes you did and I thank you very much for excellent customer support. I am glad to see a retailer of a product still provides A+ support as well as speak in a manner I can understand. I look forward to buying from US Cutter again. Many Thanks
  2. Yes the plotter did a test cut offline per the instructions. I had to do it several times in order to get the depth of the blade correct to where it was just scoring the vinyl and not cutting completely through the material. I did have purchased a new USB cable to try later today in case that may be the problem. Thanks again for the support.
  3. I will try that again just to be sure. I opened up the test cut document that came with sign blaze and tried to cut it as well with no luck. When it tried to cut the test document it highlighted each line of text as it sent it to the cutter as if it were storing the cut process in memory before it actually cut the material. But let me make sure on the cut I created and I will get back to you after 1pm today. Thanks for all the help.
  4. I have tried both the CTE 630 and the CTE 630 HPGL setting in SignBlazer but neither works.
  5. I am having a problem getting my PCut 630 cutter to cut the vinyl . I have tried just about everything I have found in the forum. When I create a test piece (I created a large H and Q) and I click the cutter ICON in SignBlazer and the machine drops the cutting blade onto the vinyl and all I see is the box suggesting the job is being sent to the cutter. The display on the cutter displays Waiting. I have waited for 20-30 minutes and nothing happens. I usually have to cancel the job in order to close out the signblazer program to retry. I have tried setting the flow for signblazer and the USB to Hardware as suggested in the forum. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software. I have tried the Serial and the USB connection methods. The computer appears to being communicating with the cutter just not cutting the vinyl. I would greatly appreciate any help with getting this machine to work. I would gladly pay someone for phone support If at the end of the call the cutter is working as expected. My situation is urgent. I would like to be able to create some signs before Thanksgiving and Christmas if possible.