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  1. jdmarti1

    Can someone tell me what this is?

    Can someone help me out and tell me what font is used for the Outlaws?
  2. Does anyone here operate a sporting goods store? We do lots of uniforms, and would like to be able to sell some select brands of cleats and other things that go with the uniforms. I am trying to find a supplier.
  3. jdmarti1

    I'm hoping someone can help. Edge Lit Base

    I don't have a CNC machine - only a laser cutter/engraver and vinyl cutters etc.
  4. jdmarti1

    Brush Script BT with edits? Help me please!

    My wife has a silhouette, I am under the assumption he probably didn't have high end software, she is going to try using that software and see what she can come up with.
  5. jdmarti1

    Brush Script BT with edits? Help me please!

    I am using Corel Draw - yeah I was not impressed with the guys work last year. His jersey numbers were even worse - didn't understand how to kern them properly. I can't get the outline right is my problem, I will keep trying - this is a rush.
  6. This looks like Brush Sctipt BT, but with a shadow above and to the left - help I can't figure this one out. Need to replicate the work on some jerseys for a local team.
  7. jdmarti1

    I'm hoping someone can help. Edge Lit Base

    Tell me more!!!
  8. jdmarti1

    cheapest multi color shirts?

    Depending on the number of shirts I would stick with vinyl - but the logo would get modified. I would lose the red and the yellow, and do it on a white shirt. Either that or buy poly shirts, which would be nice for the employees - a bit cooler to work in, and sublimate them.
  9. jdmarti1

    .ve file assistance needed

    That is beautiful - so much to learn!!!
  10. jdmarti1

    .ve file assistance needed

    I use CorelDraw
  11. jdmarti1

    .ve file assistance needed

    I need to remove the RFB and the 9/11 from some of the things we need to do. That is all I need modified.
  12. jdmarti1

    .ve file assistance needed

    How do I go about making the stripes and star field solid?
  13. jdmarti1

    .ve file assistance needed

    Thank both of you!!!!
  14. jdmarti1

    .ve file assistance needed

    I imported it into Word - not sure why the viewer doesn't show properly. Oh well, just something to remember. Now - the hardest part, I need to figure out a way to layer that so I can cut it in vinyl. Any ideas?
  15. jdmarti1

    .ve file assistance needed

    Thank you very much!!!! So many helpful people. I was hoping that was layered - now I get to try to get it into layers - anybody have an idea? My viewer is showing the top and bottom cutoff - not sure if that is just the viewer or the file, I don't have Corel at work - LOL.