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  1. Laceylp

    Marine boots and gun cross

    I want to say thank you for these. I needed a this for a memory of a fallen soldier and I am donating my time and vinyl.
  2. Laceylp

    why can't i vector this? pulling my hair out

    I am cracking up at the big thumbs....Wondering if you will post that one..I would make it and wear it for sure!!!
  3. Laceylp

    Baseball Images Needed Please

    grabbed as well. These are the rage here.
  4. Laceylp

    Optical Illusions

    Wow these are super cool Love the hallway looking real ideas just super cool
  5. Laceylp

    zebra license plate

    What do you use to seal the plates with?? They are just getting popular here. 2-5 years behind all trends. LOL
  6. Laceylp

    Banners that light up.....

    What if they laid vinyl onto static cling materials? this would make it interchangable and roll up to store it. Just my thoughts and now I want one!! For my house. I can have brithday and seasons and all sorts of nutty crap on it. LOL Lacey
  7. Laceylp

    I'm fool and need help

    I have not had time to finish this yet, the event went on and I know february they are doing another for another family in need. I changed the ribbon to pink, it is way nicer than I could do so thank you. I would love to have eyelets in white to tie into the white wings and have done a little work on it but it is not looking right, any suggestions? I did two circles, punched thru weld in sb to make eyelet but when I add to ribbon, it looks odd. Not sure what I am doing wrong to it. Again I appreciate all the help and I know they will love anything I do just want to make it as close to theirs as I can. I will also post pic here when done of fronts and backs. Brady gpt very bad after benefit and has had a few bad weeks but we are hoping he is getting back to the sweet smiling boy we know. If you would like to keep tabs on him and hisl ife with this disease, we have created a FB page, Mighty, Mighty MITO Fighter. He is a mighty kid and we love him. thanks again, Lacey
  8. Laceylp

    I'm fool and need help

    Oh my goodness this is amazimg amd the quality is what I had the most problems with it is so bad.... Thank you so much. Lacey
  9. Laceylp

    I'm fool and need help

    vinyl pink for ribbon and white wings. They have done events and been on the news stations here in the area. I thought if they can help me what better way to show my apprecaitation then using what I can to help with every benefit they do, not just mine. Thank you if anyone gets before that is great too. I appreciate the kind words. Lacey
  10. Laceylp

    I'm fool and need help

    Hi all. It has been awhile since I have been on and I am still doing same. My son has had a great group of ladies decide to throw a benefit for him to help us get him to a specialist in New Jersey, we are in Mid Michigan so we need the help. He has had some ups and downs with his medical condition so we need to get him the best care and keep his quality of life as good as we can. He relies on wheel chair more, wears a helmet now, spiked and cool, not typical one and is worse at school. He just got an ipad to help him. Next is a speech to text program. He is a brave kid and well loved by many. In doing the benefit I realized a few things, one is I have talents that they may use to help them with the benefit, yard signs sitting under my desk, banner and banner material, magnets and sheeting, and tee shirts. They gave me their dream shirts and since they are helping us, I want to do all I can for them so here it is...I need someone to help this is the image for the back of the shirt and I have tried tracing, converting it and did the best I could but it is UGLY. LOL Needless to say I am here asking for help I have 5 shirts to put these on for 5 ladies who throw benefits about once a month in the communities they live in to support a family, child or other disaster where someone is in need. Here is the image, grainy, not touched. Their logo is a heart with angel wings wrapped around it to protect it. These I need asap because Brady's benefit is saturday!!! Thank you for any consideration and if you charge email me cost. I need aASAP. I really thought I could do it. Thanks, Lacey
  11. Laceylp

    angel wings

    grabbed thank you!
  12. Laceylp


    That is sweet but no have not seen one in one color either
  13. Laceylp

    Not sure how and messing it up

    Thank you I continue trying to my own and have done many singles and doubles but this extra layer is seriously testing my patients and skill. I appreciate all the feedback and help. I am positive your clean up was better than my weekend tries. LOL I was so frustrated at one point I thought of smashing computer and cutter. LOL Thanks to all who looked and I will try more. I appreciate it all!! Lacey
  14. I have no idea how I did this but I converted this image into eps and every time I cut it, there are lines between colors, empty space that looks quite weird. I have tried over the whole weekend using node edit to fix and I can not get it right is there anyone here who may be able to help me out? Thanks for any consideration. Lacey P. Wesley Eagle EPS.EPS
  15. Laceylp

    looking for wall quotes vectors eps/ai

    You can use a variety of fonts and get good results being new if you still need anything, pm me and I will help. I fel bad cause this board used to help people that were new and all they are asking is for some qoutes. I will be on my business outer later and post. Sorry.