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  1. Mohrning

    SignCut keeps crashing on mac

    good to know, I will give that a shot then, it is my last hope thanks
  2. Mohrning

    SignCut keeps crashing on mac

    so the different machine did not crash : ) but I think I am still missing a crucial part in the set up since there does not seem to be any communication between the computer and the serial interface. I am using the usb connection and have installed the drivers for the according machine and OS. Installed SignCut X2 and went through the set up. Set up was strange though, it asked for TC/IP or serialport # as far as I remember, what do I select here since neither apply with a usb interface? ...I also tried to run it on vista on a intel macbook pro and had no luck. I am thinking of getting a usb to serial cable to see if that works. I know the machine is detecting the cutter since vista poped up found new hardward....
  3. Mohrning

    SignCut keeps crashing on mac

    Unfortunately is does it with any file, no matter if I do it through Illustrator or if I only use the SignCut X2 logo file which comes up by default in SignCut. I think it is more a problem of SignCut not running properly or not finding the cutter, but not sure. I will try to install it on an Intel powerbook of a friend today to see if that will work.
  4. I am using a mac PowerBook G4, I have CS3 and SignCut X2 installed. I used the plug in to send it from CS3 to SignCut, every time I try to cut, the software crashes, what am I missing? I did install the drivers and purchased a MH721. appreciate any help, I am new to cutters and hope to get this running soon. I also tried both USB ports, but the same happens on both.