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  1. hharley3059

    Basic Question. Help Appreciated

    Yes your image has to be vectorize to cut you can take a jpeg or bitmap and vectorize it with flexi 8.1 or above or use Vector magic is another easy one other then that find and use EPS files for cutting
  2. hharley3059

    Does the MH series works with flexisign pro 8.1 version 1

    Yes flexi 8.1 will work with your cutter use the roland 1100 driver to install your cutter
  3. just messing around with some stiles for Bikeweek
  4. hharley3059

    Write Port Error

    I found out that serial adapters hardly never work right dont know if your using one or not. I use flexi 10 and wether using serial or usb works just fine . try connecting USB and try it . I like flexi 10 because has built in rip and don't have storage problem with large cuts or prints also for the first question unplug the cutter from the computer....open up your device manager ...now plug back in cutter and turn it on...you will see a new com port open up. that will be the setting you need
  5. hharley3059

    MH 871 going bad

    Update.... Got the new mh871 and went up to shop to replace old one. I desided to start the old one and test it. To my surprise , It started up and worked perfectly. I ran it all week with no problems. My thinking is . I was getting ready to run a chrome Vinyl when the cutter went crazy and went down. Could the metal vinyl have carried a static charge and it wasn't strong enough to destroy the mother board but strong enough to make it go crazy for a short time?
  6. hharley3059


    I have Used Flexi sence flexi 5.5 and now am using Flexi 10 I love it and it works 100% all the time and the fact you can grab a jpg off the internet and have it ready to cut in 10 seconds doesn't hurt either
  7. hharley3059

    MH 871 going bad

    Update: Contacted USCutter , Motherboard is going bad , I desided to buy another MH871 because mine is 4 years old and who know what else is going to go bad , I will replace the MB in the old one and keep it as a back up , Because it has been a very good machine for me and you can't beat the price . This Machine was never ment to be a work horse and yet it lasted 4 years I can't complain
  8. a week ago my cutter started acting funny . When I used the button to reel back the vinyl it would make a funny noise after about 2 feet and the light on the (off line) would go out and I had to reset the machine to continue and be carefull to reverce reel in 1 foot spirts at a time or I'd get the same error. Today I went to do a job , found the pressure setting was 2550 g I was shocked sence i keep it on about 70-90 g I tried to reset the machine but had to use the button to bring it back to 90 g . When I sent to job over from the computer I got no responce from the cutter. I went over and reset the maching ..again no responce . I unpluged the machine from the wall and waitted . When I rebooted the Cutter the pressure was agin on 2550 g ...I went through running the pressure back to 70g and again when I sent from computer to cutter Nothing.. Finaly I shut down the cutter and walked away . About 15 minutes later when I was getting ready to close I desided to try again . I tuen on the cutter , The pressure read 90 g I ran a test cut and it worked fine. Something is going out on the machine , I need to find out what and get the part asap before next Friday . I also tried again to reel back the vinyl in the machne and again after about 2 foot Machine error out. Not that it matters but useing Flexi 10 Windows 7 and USB connection on desk top computer Thank You
  9. hharley3059


    Id like to get an answer to this is there a "over Cut" adjustment for the MH871 and where is it with flexi 7.5?
  10. hharley3059

    Cutter stopping mid cut

    I had the same problems as you 2 and found out it was the usb connection to the cutter...when i changes to serial port everything worked 100%
  11. hharley3059

    MH871 use with sharpie

    that part was easy to figure out the part i want to know is how he was able to get the marker to fill instead just outline? also what software ?
  12. Roland makes a good machine > I bought out a sign shop last week and it had an old color camm Roland .....Machine hasnt been running in 6 years . I cleaned it and it cuts 100%. But not good as a printer because Ink Cartridges are expensive and the machine uses a heat head to transfer the ink to vinyl......they are known to burn out easy and get damaged too...and at 1000 a shot..... michine wasnt worth the trouble.But will make a good back up cutter
  13. I saw the vedio in You Tube where a guy is useing sharpies to make a sign on plastic board. It filled in all the letters with red and then he changed to color and it outlines in black... Anyone know how this is done?
  14. hharley3059


    I reset my offset and it helped some What i need to know is where is the over cut adjustment ? that I can not find
  15. Still having problems with small cuts ,with the machine lieving little tabs on the weeding how can I fix this so the blade will overlap its starting point on each small cut? I,m useind Flexisign 7.5