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    New exporting problems

    We have encountered a new problem this morning. When we export a crisp file from Corel into RoboMaster, the image no longer is crisp. The image appears in Robo very jagged. This is even happening with simple word fonts. We don't think that we have changed any of our export settings in Corel but it definitely seems to be happening during the export process. Anyone have this trouble before? Help Please!! export test.GSD
  2. H2Ohydrographics

    New exporting problems

    thanks so much for your help, might lose my mind! cutting perfectly until last week......ARGH!!!
  3. H2Ohydrographics

    New exporting problems

    Do you happen to know if Corel is a program that requires updates, and could that possible be the problem. That might be a silly question but when I logged onto Corel for customer support, I noticed our version of Corel was pretty old. Thanks for your help.
  4. H2Ohydrographics

    New exporting problems

    might have spoke to late- fixed it, but temporarily!!!!
  5. H2Ohydrographics

    New exporting problems

    It was the Anti-Aliased box!!!! Thank You, Thank you, Thank You
  6. H2Ohydrographics

    New exporting problems

    I will try that now. This is a brand new problem. We have had our business for years and have been exporting exactly the same way for years. Its almost like we accidentally changed a setting or something. We always export as a BMP-windows export. Will try as a DXF now. Thanks so much.
  7. H2Ohydrographics

    moonshine jug or mason jar

    grabbed a a copy thxs so very much!
  8. H2Ohydrographics

    VinylMaster Cut inverts trace image

    May not be explaining it correctly, but, after saving in Corel, can u export It as a bmp file, then in robo - import, get outline, paste and then cut? After you've done all the work in Corel, steps are fairly fast in basic cutting program? Hope u get in figured out...
  9. H2Ohydrographics

    Paper between HTV to stack them

    Make sure they are stacked correctly, friend of mine was helping and instead of stacking em, decided it was a great idea to put sticky side to sticky side! Arghhhhh
  10. H2Ohydrographics


    grabbed a copy of bubbles! thxs so much
  11. H2Ohydrographics

    New guy from NY

    Welcome from Texas!
  12. H2Ohydrographics

    Hello from Bronson Florida

  13. H2Ohydrographics

    camp fire

    grabbed thxs so much
  14. H2Ohydrographics

    Texas Trophy Hunters Decal

    grabbed thank you so much
  15. H2Ohydrographics

    New guy from the Houston Area

  16. H2Ohydrographics

    Anyone have Panther Vectorized Image

    grabbed a copy thanks so much
  17. H2Ohydrographics

    Anyone willing to share???

    grabbed, thx so much
  18. H2Ohydrographics

    Need help with this fire station logo

    I need help with this! Arghhhhhhhhhhh! Is there a secret website that might have logos for fire departments? I can not get this one to trace! Any help is appreciated. Thank you!
  19. H2Ohydrographics

    Need help with this fire station logo

    OMG- i love you- way better to work with!!
  20. H2Ohydrographics

    Need help with this fire station logo

    thxs so much- what is maltese? nevermind- that would be the axe cross?
  21. H2Ohydrographics

    4x4 Splash Wrap

    Love that matte!
  22. H2Ohydrographics

    HTV vinyl design on front of shirt

    I agree with women's vnecks being troublesome, so many different cuts-slim fit, loose fit, slouchy fit! Arghhh. Quick question, on another note- I have a customer who requested design be moved down on back of her tees because she has longer hair, (not extremely long). I just have a hard time "eyeing" this, just looks off! I know it's a visual thing, but what do y'all do?
  23. H2Ohydrographics

    Hello from the land of 10,000 lakes

    Welcome from Texas!
  24. H2Ohydrographics

    Hello from Bluegrass Horses and Bourbon country

    Hello, welcome!
  25. H2Ohydrographics

    Yeti Mug

    Here's some of the latest yetis we have finished...