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  1. I am a total newbie to this, I have never cut vinyl before or worked with graphics programs, but I am extremely good with electronics and pick up on computer software and hardware very easily. That being stated I need some advice in which way i should go with my budget. - What i am looking to do is start a small business working in conjunction with a non profit Greyhound Rescue to help raise money and awareness to our efforts. The proceeds would go to helping pay vet bills and feed these animals as they live in their foster homes. What we would like to do is be able to print vinyl decals and also make t-shirts to sell on the internet through eBay, our website, and at our local adoption events that we host weekly... nothing big time but the equipment would see a decent amount of use. My question is, where do i start? If you personally had $1000 to spend to start an effort like this what would you buy? what would be the best "bang for the buck" that could start us out and get everything stated above done? I would love to hear your opinions please let me know what you think. Thank you all so much in advance.