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  1. BUenas Tardeschicos. Tengo un plotter de corte con el pasword original y la llave, mi gran problema es que no tenfo el software flexi starter 8.5 y no puedo arrancar mi maquina. Pueden ayudarme a conseguir ese software? debe ser ese en especifico para poder ingresar mi pasword. De antemano gracias por la ayuda.

  2. lkt22

    Password for FlexiStarter 8.5v1

    Hey guys, I have a copy of FlexiStarter 8.5v1 with the USB dongle. I seem to have lost the little slip of paper with the password it takes to install. If the password is a generic one, would someone mind pm'ing it to me. I messed around with it thinking that I was messing up something all weekend before I remembered the slip of paper that came along with the dongle. Thanks!
  3. lkt22

    Race car graphics?

    I suppose more specifically, does anyone have anything similar to the white graphic on the black car? Thanks!
  4. lkt22

    Race car graphics?

    Hey guys, I am looking for larger clipart that could be cut and sized for a background for the side of a dirt race car. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated! Here's a couple of examples:
  5. lkt22

    Layered Text Problem

    Thanks for the advice. I found that if you turn the text to path's, then offset, it seems to work.
  6. Hey, I'm working on designing lettering for my dirt mod for next year and thought I would get your guy's opinions. Do you see things that should be changed, or have advice? Here's what I have so far[/img] And also, here is the type of car they go on The pics are just screen shots, it's all clean vector files on the design. I also have a question on layered text in Inkscape if anyone has the chance to check out the forum for that.
  7. lkt22

    What's your hobby?

    Another racer. Anyone with a vinyl cutter is pretty popular around the dirt tracks
  8. lkt22

    Layered Text Problem

    I searched the topic, and I go through the steps, but when I highlight one set of text (either one, it doesn't matter) and go to Path- Outset, nothing happens. No matter how many times I hit Outset, the text doesn't get any bigger. Does anyone have an idea of what I am doing wrong? Thanks!