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  1. joelmarley

    Let's see your company logo(s)!

    Here's a few of mine
  2. Select your text, then select objects, then select expand. This will turn it into a path. Then it should cut. Joel
  3. joelmarley

    found a Great Vinyl and App Tape Supplier

    Anybody notice that in the Free shipping store, the prices were the same as the prices of other sectons with the shipping added. Joel
  4. joelmarley

    Carbon Fiber Fill?

    Thanks James Joel
  5. joelmarley

    Carbon Fiber Fill?

    James is it possible for me to get the fill as well. Thanks, Joel
  6. joelmarley

    first project airplane

    That is a nice plane. I am sure you are proud. Tell Kirby, Darrin Marley's brother says hey. Joel
  7. joelmarley

    first project airplane

    I'm sure that ride is running on 2 cycle gas. Joel
  8. joelmarley

    first project airplane

    Hey Josh, Nice job. I noticed the KC Hobby decal. Are you near Archdale? I used to live near there. I also fly as well. Flew IMAC for 6 years. Joel
  9. joelmarley

    Can someone please help me??

    Here is my shot at it. Joel unicorn.eps unicorn.eps
  10. joelmarley

    heartbeat line??

    Try this one. heartbeat.eps heartbeat.eps
  11. joelmarley

    heartbeat line??

    Here is the Illy file I created it in. What programs are you using? Joel
  12. joelmarley

    heartbeat line??

    See if this works for you. Joel heartbeat.eps heartbeat.eps
  13. joelmarley

    Paint splat and balloon graphics.

    Thanks Tim
  14. It only comes on when you contour cut. I cut from Illy, and it comes on to automaticly find the registration marks. Joel
  15. joelmarley

    Aircraft outlines

    Here is a A-10 Joel Aircraft41.eps Aircraft41.eps