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  1. I am way new to this 1 week, been useing the pen on a roll of paper (practice) how do I say- type something then I want to outline or shadow the text. How do you keep the work seperate to cut different color vinyl. Also I cant figure how I would make them the same size and how to put the registration marks on both to align them up as I see the videos done. I know I have alot of things to learn and I need to almost visualize it then to read. Anyone around Wisconsin that could give me a tutorial or does signblazer have a disc that a person could watch and learn maybe even online. Thanks luder (BIG TIME NOOB)

  2. Newbie here, I am using the pen and doing some practiceing, all of a sudden when I go to cut I get an unrecoverable error has occured It maybe possible to save your work to a file the file will be named signblazer recover sbd signblazer has stopped working.Then I get shut out of the program. If I click on details I get " Problem event name APP CRASH......any ideas running vista,sb elements 6.0 thanks in advance luder

  3. Well thanks for the input, I tried it on my laptop and it installed, and gave me the com port for serial cable (4) she now works, cut a few circles and letters. Sure is going to be alot to learn. I have the pen in her (with a roll of freezer paper) and am playing with it. Thanks again Im sure I will have many questions-never used one of these, I have a small body shop and this could be a useful tool, luder

  4. I am not computer smart. Ive tried this numerous times still no communication with the cutter. Tried with the usb and with the serial cable. Am I right (serial reccommended) The directions are not that great for an average guy. I am trying to install it on a dell windows xp, also have a laptop with vista (which I have not tried, am not sure because it says only 1 computer) Do I have to install a driver with the serial cable, and how does a guy configure baud rate and all that to match. I was hopeing that your hardware wizard would just install like a plug and play. There has to be something Im missing. I can use the cutters manual buttons off line so that seems to be fine (I think) After installation if I make a circle-press cut-then the little box says something like unable to communicate. I would appreciate any input, ct630 cutter............Thanks luder